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What does an angelfish eat?



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Angelfish can survive on a basic diet of flake food. However, in order for your fish to grow big, beautiful, healthy, and fully develop, it is recommended to feed them live foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, etc. For more information, check in with your local pet stores or join a tropical fish forum.

These fish feed on guppies, smaller fish. They also eat plankton. A flaky substance called cichlid flakes and also they are on a special diet where they eat hatched Brine Shrimp and sometimes eat a substance called Angelfish flakes.

Freshwater Angelfish usually do typically well on flake, pellets and frozen blood worms. Saltwater Angel fish typically do well on marine flake, marine pellets and frozen mysis shrimp. A special species specific formula for Angels of both types can normally be found at your LFS.

crustaceans or small crabs or really anything crunchy because they have very strong teeth.

various flake food, bloodworms and the babies like baby brine shrimp