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An autosome is a non-sex chromosome. It is an ordinarily paired type of chromosome that is the same in both sexes of a species. For example, in humans, there are 22 pairs of autosomes. The X and Y chromosomes are not autosomal. Non-autosomal chromosomes are usually referred to as sex chromosomes, allosomes or heterosomes.

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What is a autosome?

A autosome is a body cell.

A typical human autosome is diploid?

Yes. Only the sperms and the ova are haploid.

Which chromosomes for a human are the autosome?

Except a pair of sex chrosomes all the remaining 22 pairs are autosomes in a human

How does soma relate to the meanings of autosome and somatic cells?

The soma, from the Greek word meaning body, is the entire body - except the germ (sex) cells. This is related to the meanings of autosome and somatic because: Autosome refers to chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes. Somatic cells are all cells that are not sex cells (gametes/germ cells).

Is an autosome a non sex cromosome?

yes an autosome is a abnormal cromosome

A typical human cell contain 50 chromosomes?

A human cell contains 46 cromosome (44 autosome, 2 sex cromosome)

How many of sex chomosome and autosome are in a human somatic cell?

44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes are present in human somatic cells .

What is an autosome?

An autosome is any of the chromosomes besides the sex chromosomes which determine gender.

What is the difference between autosome and chromosomes?

what is the difference between autosome and sex chromosomes

What is the definition of the phrase autosome?

An autosome is a type of chromosome that does not happen to be a sex chromosome (allosome). Humans will each have 42 autosome chromosomes and one pair of allosome chromosomes.

What is one human disease that results from nondisjunction of an autosome?

Down Syndrome, which is a result of nondisjunction affecting autosomal chromosome 21.

What is the largest autosome?


What is chromosome 22?


What is the difference between an autosome and sex chromosome?

the autosome do not control the sex organs . but the sex chromosome control the sex organs

A human cell has how many pairs of autosomes and how many pairs of sex chromosomes?

There are 22 autosome pairs and one pair of sex chromosomes.

How many Pairs of chromosomes are located in the cell nucleus?

In a "normal" human autosome (normal cell, not a sex cell), there is 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Number of autosome pairs in man?

a human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes. out of which 22 pairs are autosomes and 1 pair is the sex chromosome.

How does the soma relate to the meanings of autosome and somatic cell?

Autosomal chromosomes are body cells as opposed to germ cells like sperm and eggs.

Any chromosome that does not determine gender?


What is the difference between an autosome and a sex chromosome?

An autosome is any of the 23 chromosomes which is not an X or Y chromosome. A sex chromosome is effectively the same as an autosome, apart from depending upon whether you inherit a Y chromosome or not, a sex chromosome will determine your gender. Hence the name.

If you have a human body and human testicles and human organs are you human?

Yes - if you have a human body you are human.

What is human body anatomy?

the human body anatomy is, the study of the morphology of the human body.

What are diploid and haploid chromosomal numbers?

Diploid is 2n while haploid is n. The actual number (represented by n) varies by species. In humans, n = 23. A haploid gamete (sex cell, e.g. egg or sperm) is n (23 chromosomes). An autosome (body cell) is 2n, diploid, which is 2x23, equaling 46 chromosomes in the human body cells.

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