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What does an ecosystem mean to you?

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What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?

What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?

What does salt water ecosystem mean?

Marine or salt lake ecosystem is called salt water ecosystem .

What is ecosystem mean?

An ecosystem is an environment in which organisms are able to live.

What do of human activities that disrupt the ecosystem?

what do mean of human activities that disrupt the ecosystem

Who are belong to the ecosystem?

I think you mean who does belong? Everyone and everything belongs to the ecosystem.

What do ecosystem mean?

Ecosystem means: The living and nonliving things in an environment, and all their interactions.

What does climate of an ecosystem mean?


What does biotc mean?

biotic mean everything that has life in an ecosystem

What does a marine ecosystem mean?

The term "Marine ecosystem" means that its underwater. Example: An ocean or a lake.

What does the prefix ecosy mean?

Could be Ecosystem

What does the word niche mean in ecosystem?

a role

What do you mean by destruction of ecosystem?

The destruction of an ecosystem involves interference with the natural state of an environment. This could mean killing animals and vegetation or introducing pollutants into the environment.

What does savana mean?

do you mean savanna or savannah? If you are, it is a tropical, grassland or woodland ecosystem.

Does ecosystem mean habitat?

kind of, an ecosystem includes what eats what and stuff like that where a habitat is just where things live

What do you mean by artificial ecosystems?

an ecosystem made by man

The kinds of organisms in the ecosystem?

this question doesnt make sense ,there are millions of a-biotic and biotic organisms living in the ecosystem ,if you mean "what are the stages of an ecosystem?" i can help youits goes likeorganismcommuintypopulationbiomeecosystemand so on

Are wild berries a producer in a ecosystem?

If by "ecosystem" you mean foodchain, then yes. Berries could start a foodchain, therefore are producers.

Why is the aquarium considered a mini-ecosystem?

An aquarium is considered an ecosystem because everything in it can live in the aquarium. Changes in the aquarium can mean life or death for the fish just as in the real world.

What does abiotics mean?

It refers to the non-living things in an ecosystem.

What does carrying copacity mean?

The maximum population that an ecosystem can maintain.

Are all the desert animals an ecosystem?

no.... it depends what you mean... but technically no...

What does it mean if an ecosystem is balanced?

- The organisms have to fit into the energy pyramid- The largest number of organism in any ecosystem needs to be the producers- The smallest number of organism need to be the highest level of consumers in that ecosystem

What does ecosystem mean?

An ecosystem is the combined system that comprises animals, plants, and other organisms, all living together and interacting with one another.

What does the word niche mean in science?

a living organism's role in an ecosystem

What are the 9 types of ecosystem?

Forest ecosystemmarginal ecosystemagricultural ecosystemurban ecosystemfreshwater ecosystemmangrove ecosystemseagrass ecosystemcoral reefs ecosystemsoft-bottom ecosystemfor pictures ask tsike