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An internet fax service allows you to receive or send faxes over the internet, through e-mail, the web or even on your smart phone. Internet fax services allow you to send your fax as a digital file and eliminates the need for the old fax machine.

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What is the function of internet fax?

The function of an internet fax service is to send/receive faxes the same way as a fax machine. But the internet fax service is now a replacement for the aging fax machine.

Can an Internet fax service receive faxes from a phone line?

If you mean can an Internet fax service receive a fax from someone using a regular fax machine over a phone line, then yes. The purpose of Internet fax is to allow you to send and receive faxes using your computer, regardless of whether the "far end" is another Internet fax service or a regular fax machine.

How do you email to fax number?

Its not email, it is fax, Sending fax or email to fax machine is called faxing. Files are automatically converted into fax files when using internet fax service provider. Try extremefax internet fax service.

How do you receive a fax on your computer?

There is a fax service available today that allows you to send and receive faxes using your internet connected PC, this is called internet fax service. Internet fax software is integrated with Microsoft applications.

What is an example of a free internet fax service, and what do they charge?

An internet fax service will send and receive faxes for you via e-mail. Internet fax service companies such as eFax will typically give you a free trial period to see if the service meets your needs

What fax software is needed in order to use internet based fax?

No actual fax software is required to start an internet based service. The internet service provides all of the required services that you will need.

Can you use fax machine and wireless internet?

An internet or online fax service will work with any internet connection but not fax machine unless it has wireless connectivity.

How do you send an email to fax machine?

It is called FoIP or fax over internet protocol. Use internet fax service like extremefax.

What is a disadvantage about fax?

Fax machine require paper, ink and a dedicated phone line. Internet fax service on the other hand eliminates all of this because the service would only require internet connected PC and provider of the service. Also internet fax eliminates long distance charges.

What is a good fax broadcast service?

Open Fax is a great fax broadcast service. This fax broadcast service is an inexpensive service at three cents a page with all the qualities needed to send a fax through the internet. They can even email the sender a copy of the fax.

What are the benefits of an internet fax service?

An internet fax service allows business or personal accounts to fax a document directly to an email address as opposed to the classic way of faxing via telephone and printer.

When was internet fax introduced?

PSINet was the first to commercially introduced e-mail fax or internet fax on June 24, 1997. The service was called InternetPaper which is a service that allows sending or documents from a PC to any fax machines in the world.

How do you get a free fax number?

Usually when you subscribe for internet fax service, a free fax number is included in the package.

How do you use my mobile as fax want to fax a file from my laptop?

Your laptop can be a fax machine. Use internet fax or online fax to send and receive fax. You can also subscribe internet fax service provider at very low cost.

What do ineed to receive faxes?

Internet faxing service only requires an internet connected PC with internet fax tool and online fax number.

What is fax for America?

America's fax code is 01. You can use the convention of the internet fax service to send fax documents. This technique do not require a dedicated phone line. If you have an internet connected PC all you need to do is subscribe for the service so that you will be given an online fax number.

How you can send a fax?

Just put the A4 paper and fax them to somebody you want toAnswerThere are 2 ways to send faxes its by using internet fax or fax machine. For fax machine, feed the paper to the machine then dial the number of your fax destination. With internet fax service, attach fax document on your email and send it to online fax number. this is a paid service so, in order for you to have an online fax number and online fax account, you need to subscribe for the service.

How do you send a fax to a phone?

With internet fax service you can have updates about your online faxes into your mobile phone.

Is a signature on a fax or email valid?

Yes, for internet fax service you can electronically affix signature in your email fax documents.

Bookmark an Internet Fax Service?

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, it's a good idea to keep an internet fax service in your bookmarks folder. Here's why: Now and then, somebody is going to ask you to fax something, be it a birth certificate, a tax income paper, a photo ID, anything. It's almost strange that, in this day and age, people still use fax machines, but there it is. In any event, chances are, you don't have a fax machine or a fax number, so, using an internet fax service, you can work around that issue and fax as necessary.

How can you get fax service without a land line?

You can avail of the internet fax service. This one does not require a phone line. As long as you have an internet connected PC and online fax software then you can send and receive faxes using your online account.

Can you use majic jack with Fax machine?

Magic jack is designed for phone services and not originally for faxing. You can try internet fax service, requirements are internet connected PC, Online fax number, email and a service provider.

Where can you fax a document?

Anywhere that has a fax machine and a communications connection through a telephone or internet.AnswerYou can send fax from your home using your internet connected PC. But you need to have a fax software also you can subscribe to online fax service from providers.

How does a fax email service work?

A fax to email service, is a service whereby one can send and receive faxes via email over the internet. Some fax to email services are eFax and MaxEmail.

How can you get a fax on the Internet?

There are several ways you can get a fax on the internet, and they depend on what service you use. Some services are free and some require a fee. You can receive faxes via email or they can be available for you on the internet, again depending on what internet faxing service you use.

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