What does auto body work do?

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They fix cars and do stuff like that they also paint and improve them

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Q: What does auto body work do?
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Which auto body shop in the Seattle area is the most highly rated by consumers?

Alki Auto body is a top rated auto body shop in Seattle. Alki gets a top rating not only for the quality of their work but also for their prices.

Where could one go to have body work done on their auto?

One can go to their local car dealership to have body work done on their auto. The dealerships usually charge more, however. Another place to look is at local small auto shops, which are usually cheaper.

What would be a good name for an auto body shop?

Auto Body PlaceReal Repair Auto Body Shop*your name's* Auto Body Plaza

What category would a consumer look for in the Yellow Pages for car repair?

To find someone who can do car repair in the Yellow Pages, one would generally look for an automotive mechanic. However, some types of car repair, such as auto body work, are more specialised. For auto body work you would look for an auto body shop.

Can you repaint an auto body?

Yes you can repaint a car body there is prep work invalved with sanding and fixing rust and dents then there is primer and then the paint

How much does auto body repair man make in Illinois?

about 16 an hour also depends where you work at

What questions should I ask an auto body shop before they work on my car?

There are many good questions to ask a auto body shop before they work on your car. First, how much do they estimate it will cost. How long do they estimate it will take? Will they call you if either of these estimates change?

Where could I take an auto body course to work on Mercedes models?

Auto body courses are offered in many different places. These days is easy to find different web pages offering auto body products, some of them offer for Mercedes models., and are some examples.

What is an auto body?

An auto body is the outer shell of an automobile, as distinct from the chassis.

How much do technicians usually get paid to work in an auto body shop?

It varies from region to region. Several job resources put the avrage hourly pay for an auto body technician around $15.71 an hour.

Can auto body repair be done at a dealership or only at an auto body repair center?

Many dealerships will also provide auto body repair.

Where can one find auto body supplies?

Every country, state or town has its own local shops who can provide your required auto body parts in a very short time. So choose your shop online by searching "auto body shop near me" in google or yahoo. You will get the desired deal for sure.

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