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It means being studied medically or scientifically; the probe typically goes in an orifice, like the anus or navel. (Or so we've been told, by so-called abductees.)

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Q: What does being probed by an alien mean?
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What does it mean when you have a dream about your girlfriend being angry at you?

if you have a dream about your girlfriend being angry at you it means that you will probably be probed by exotic alien species that are gay and your girlfriend is the leader. If your girlfriend is angry at you break up with her and stay away from exotic aliens.

What happens when an alien probes you?

The body is probed and a tag is placed on the person for observation over time.

What does probed mean?

It means you are studied by aliens

Is Hannah Montana an alien?

No she is not an alien she is a human being just like you! If you mean alien as in non resident-also no.

How do you become like Roger on American Dad I don't mean the part with him being an alien i mean like his life and stuff.?

You can't considering Roger is an animated alien.

Does izee get probed by bambi?

izee does indeed get probed by a 40 year old man called bambi

Is Cody Simpson a alien?

you mean 'AN' alien.. and i have no idea who that is

What if alien is a 69 yr old senior and has a home?

If by "alien," you mean an illegal alien, and not a creature from outer space, being a 69 year old senior and having a home do not generally exempt him. He would need proper papers, or to become a citizen in order to stay in the country legally and not risk being deported.

What is the salary of being an alien?

The possibility of you being an alien is one in a million. And that's the whole world. So I don't think you're an alien. But if you are, just don't tell anyone, plus your lucky.

Was Michael Jackson an alien?

No! Michael Jackson was not an alien!!! He was a human being just like you and me.

By definition is GOD a alien?

No, by definition, God is not an alien. He is the supreme being the creator of the universe.

What Is the alien name in the 1979 movie alien?

The alien creature is never specifically named other than being referred to as "Alien" . In Aliens they are referred to as xenomorphs . The original Alien was played by Bolaji Badejo .

Is there a second movie of alien vs predator?

If you mean Alien vs Predator Reqeuim which was a sequal to AVP. It literally starts where AVP ends with the last Predator being taken aboard the ship and then as they fly away, an alien explodes from it chest. It is an OK movie.

Is there a such as a alien?

No. I guess that answers your question, if you mean the strange things in outer space but the term 'alien' can mean a foreigner.

What does alien number mean?

In the US, an alien number refers to the alien registration number. It is an 8 or 9-digit number.

What is alienage?

Alienage is the state of being an alien, or being from another place.

Can a legal alien marry an alien?

If by "legal alien" you mean a "resident alien" (i.e., a foreigner with permission to live in the United States) and by "alien" you mean any alien, whether legal or illegal (undocumented), then the answer is yes. Generally, there is no citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States. What effect the marriage will have on the immigration status of the parties involved is another question.

Was Hitler an alien?

NoNo, he was a human being.

What do you call a being from another world?

An alien.

How do you qualify to become an alien?

An alien is defined as an extraterrestrial being from outer space. In this sense technically you're already an alien, as you are an intelligent being from a part of a universe. If you mean "alien" as in "immigrant" - do not use that term. It is seen as derogatory and somewhat racist in the majority of the world, bar the US. In this case to qualify to be an immigrant, it depends on the specific country you are immigrating to. Re-ask the question giving the proper terminology and mentioning the country.

Committee that probed communist infiltration of government?


What does Zaymar mean?

its a space alien

What are the codes to play alien attack ben10 alien force?

If you mean the cheat codes google them.

What does it mean when you dream about a alien watching you in your window?

This dream illustrates the dreamer's feeling of being watched, scrutinized or judged in real life. The "alien" suggests that the feeling is vague and the dreamer is unsure who or what might be watching them. For example, the dreamer might suspect they are being watched by a supervisor at work without knowing why.

What is is alien?

An extra-terrestrial being not from planet earth.