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What does besame mucho mean in spanish?

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Translation: Kiss me a lot OR Kiss me passionately

Note: Bésame Mucho is the name of a popular, traditional song (called a bolero) that is well-known in the Spanish-speaking world and the words "Bésame Mucho" are used far more often to refer to this song than they are used in their literal meaning.

Please see the original version of the song here.

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How do you so kiss me in spanish?

Besame. to which I always want to sing the song Besame Besame mucho. Como si fuera esta noche la ultima vez......

What does Bésame Mucho mean in english?

did you get that from a song?, because i ♥ that song, besame mucho means kiss me a lot!

Who do you say kiss in spanish?

besar= to kiss besa! = kiss! (as in the song 'Besame mucho' (Kiss me a lot))

What is 'Bésame mucho' when translated from Spanish to English?

The Spanish phrase "besame mucho" is translated into "kiss me a lot" in English. It is also the name of a popular Spanish song by artist Andrea Bocelli.

What actors and actresses appeared in Besame mucho - 1998?

The cast of Besame mucho - 1998 includes: Martine Couture Alain Layus Philippe Malatrigues

What does no mucho mean in Spanish?

no mucho means not much in spanish.

Where could one find the lyrics for Besame Mucho?

There are a number of websites that have the lyrics for 'Besame Mucho'. One can find such lyrics on 'AZ Lyrics', 'Lyrics Freak', 'Sing 365' and 'Metro Lyrics'.

What is the 1962 pop hit with a foreign name?

"Besame Mucho" by Jet Harris.

What does you mucho mean in spanish?

a lot

What is the second most famous song?

the song "besame mucho" even the Beatles played it

What does mucho mean in spanish?

A lot or much.

What does mucho gusto mean in spanish?


What does mucho Spanish mean?

A lot. Much! :)

What is the spanish word for mucho?

i think you mean what is the English word mucho=much, a lot

What does mucho punocho in spanish mean?

'mucho...' means 'a lot of...' 'punocho' I don't know.

What does tequerro mucho mean in spanish?

'Te quiero mucho' means I love you alot.

How do you write kiss me in spanish?

Kiss me in Spanish is 'Besame'

How do you pronounce kiss me in spanish?


What are some names of Mexican music?

The most famous Mexican music ,to my knowledge,would be the Besame Mucho!

What actors and actresses appeared in Besame Mucho - 2000?

The cast of Besame Mucho - 2000 includes: Carmel Betto Eli Danker Ryan Early Shira Ferber Ezra Kafri Moni Moshonov Menashe Noy as Shimon Michael Sarne Ayala Verete

What does nieva mucho mean in spanish?

a lot of snow

What does very much mean in spanish?


What does the word mucho mean in spanish?

A lot or much.

What does tam mean in spanish?

Te amo mucho

What does abrazame y besame mean?

Abrazame = Hug me Besame = Kiss me

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