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A disc is a cartilage component that separates 2 vertabrae. By separating these two structures, it allows a space for 2 spinal nerves to exit, one on each side. A spinal nerve is a nerve that comes directly from the spinal cord. Spinal nerves are always in pairs. They extend from the cord and exit bilaterally through the neural foramen, or "spinal nerve holes." When a disc bulges, it decreases in height. By doing this, the size of the foramen are decreased. The foramen are determined by the disc height. As a disc degenerates, the foramen becomes more and more narrowed. The spinal nerves can be put in great danger if the disc continues to degenerate. A chiropractor is the answer to this problem. Surgery should be a last resort. It's like a hard boiled egg. It can't be unboiled. Thomas A. Bea

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Q: What does bilateral neural exit foraminal stenosis of moderate severity at the L5 S1 mean?
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What is a paracentral disc bulge?

what is 1 mild bilateral foraminal stenosis 2 Clinical correlation 3 moderate to severe bilateral

Can this cause disability Moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis?

yes if spy nail card injurer or disability made

Moderate foraminal stenosis?

Moderate foraminal stenosis is the gradual constriction of the foraminal nerve passageways in the spinal column. Forminal stenosis occurs as we age and causes pain in the back at the sight of the compression.

What is bilateral neural foraminal narrowing L4-L5?

I have bilatera neural foraminal stenosis. Will surgery be necessary?

IS spondylosis with bilateral exit foraminal stenosis treatable.?

My wife has been diagnosed C5/6 spondylosis with bilateral exit foraminal stenosis. 1.Can this condition cause severe headaches. 2.What is the best way to treat this condidtion.

What is moderate central thecal sac effacement and mild bilateral foraminal stenosis?

At C2-3, a broad-based disk bulge. Spinal canal and formina are patent

What is mild to moderate left foraminal stenosis?

Moderate left foraminal stenosis is compression of the cervical spinal nerves that travel through a narrowing of the foramina. Causes of the narrowing include herniated disc material and bone spurs in the neck.

At t12-l1 what is moderate right neural foraminal stenosis?

chronic lacunar infarct

What is C3-C4 moderate left foraminal stenosis present owing to disc bulging and uncovertebral spurring?

What are treatments for left foraminal stenosis at c3-4 primarily related to unconvertebral degenerate changes.

What is moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis?

An explanation of neural formainal stenosis: Neural foraminal narrowing is a common result of disc degeneration. Spinal nerves pass through an opening in the spinal column known as the foramen. The process of disc degeneration or bulging causes the foramen to become narrower. Once the foraminal opening reaches a point of compressing the nerves inside the spinal column, pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness often occur.

Bilateral neural foraminal stenosis?

The Radiology report indicates that there's a a narrowing (stenosis) on both sides (bilateral) of the foramen, which are the holes through each vertebrae where the nerves exit. Stenosis common in most people as they age, though it can happen faster in cases where there's a spinal degeneration problem or other disease.

What is small tear of the posterior annulus at L5-S1 mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis?

There's actually 2 separate indications in your Radiology report:Mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis is a common problem with most people. The Foramen is the spinal opening at each vertebrae where the nerves pass through; stenosis is the term for narrowing, and in this case it's stating that there's foraminal narrowing in the L5-S1 vertebral area, which is not uncommon.The "small tear" is at the posterior (rear) annulus of the L5-S1 disk, meaning there's a small rupture in the rear of the disk membrane.

What is lumbar stenosis?

Lumbar stenosis (spinal stenosis) is a condition where either the spinal canal (central stenosis) or vertebral foramen (foraminal stenosis) becomes narrowed

What is foraminal stenosis?

narrowing of the cervical disc space

Is mild to moderate cervical spondylosis something to worry about Also minor neural foraminal stenosis at C6C7 and C4C5 on the left I need help please?

Help please

What is neural foraminal stenosis in the neck?

Small bone spurs.

What is high grade neural foraminal stenosis?

Que significa

What does the medical term Foraminal Stenosis mean?

The medical term Foraminal Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the foramen where the nerve root leaves the spinal canal. This is often associated with spinal deterioration as humans age.

What is broad-based disc osteophyte complex?

The Dr told me I have broad-based disc osteophyte complex L2 L3 with marked ligamentum flavum, marked facet hyppertrophy, marked bilateral foraminal stenosis with severe centeral stenosis with an ap diameter of only 4mn

What is prominent bilateral uncovertebral arthrosis?

My wife has been diagmosed with exit foraminal stenosis involving C5/6 bilaterally due to oncovertebral arthrosis.Subtle disc space narrowing at C5/6 is present.No instability is noted.Good range of movement is demonstrated with stress views without instability. Conclusion C5/6 spondylosis with bilateral exit foraminal stenosis 1. Is her condition very serious 2.She suffers from severe headaches - can this be caused by her condition. 3.How can we assist her to manage or correct her condition. please advise

Nueral foraminal stenosis?

Neural foraminal stenosis is a condition in which a spinal nerve is compressed, causing pain and numbness of the lower back or the neck. It can be caused by herniated or bulging discs, bone spurs, or collapse of the spinal disc space.

Mild bilateral foraminal stenosis at L4 - 5?

A foramen is a hole.  Stenosis is a narrowing of that hole.  Your spine is made up of bones called vertebrae that are named by their region (cervical, thoracic, & lumbar - C, T, & L) & the number from the top.  L4 & L5 are the 4th & 5th lumbar vertebrae, & they are the lowest vertebrae in the spine.  L4 & L5 come together and form a hole on each side (right and left) that is called a neural foramen.  Out of that neural foramen comes your right and left L4 nerve.  If there is foraminal stenosis at the bilateral L4-5 foramina, then you may be encroaching upon or pinching those right and left L4 nerves.

What is bilateral minimal facet osteoarthritis without significant neural foraminal narrowing or central canal stenosis?

It means there is only a small amount of wear and tear in the pads between the vertebrae and that there is no problem at this time with the Chanel's that allow the nerves to pass between them.

What does neural foraminal stenosis mean?

If a disc re herniated after microdisectomy, should the disc be removed completely?

Mild effacement of the left lateral recess?

what is effacement of the left lateral recess and severe foraminal stenosis