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The meaning behind darker blood varies depending on where the blood is coming from: Darker blood from menstruation could mean that the blood is old because periods are not regular. Dark blood from your veins could mean something like you have too much iron in your blood. Veinous blood as well as fresh menstrual blood should always be bright to deep red, not burgundy or black. If blood is dark you should have it checked out by a doctor.

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What does black blood in menstruation mean?

i don't know why i have black blood !! it mean conman or not ?

What do black blood and then red blood mean?

Vampire dr

What does black cells in your blood mean?


What does it mean when women get black blood?

This usually means that the liver has been damaged badly and the result is black blood.

What does black blood from rectum mean?

That mean it contain old blood as if from oesophagus,stomach and upper small intestine.

What does black blood during your mentrual cycle mean?


Black fecal matter in dogs?

Black stools can mean blood or infection. Contact your vet.

Does black blood for 3 days mean im pregnant?

Black blood is usually "old" blood, meaning it came from the upper levels of the intestines. Hie thee hence to the doctor!

What does it mean when your blood period blood is black as tar?

You need to go to the doctor. That's really serious.

Is there a blood brothers season 2?

If you mean Black Blood Brothers then, according to imdb, there will no be a season 2.

What does it mean if blood is thick and black?

You should probably see a doctor.

What does brownish black blood mean as the first day of your period?

Brownish black blood on first day of your period is normal. This means that it is blood that may have stayed for a while in the urine folds or blood that was there for a while waiting to be released.

What does it mean if you black out?

It is time to see a doctor. Black-outs can be caused by low blood oxygen and low blood sugar. There are many drugs that can cause black-outs as well as physical problems that can cause black-outs..

What do the colours white red and black mean in Snow White?

white- purity black- evilred- blood

What does it mean if dogs poop is black?

Blood in stool or ate something it shouldn't have.

What does red mean in Jamaica?

the red means the blood of black people in Jamaica

Can Dracula survive off of black pudding?

If by "black" you mean the pudding with blood in it, possibly, but just "colored" black wouldn't do much for a vampire.

What does black stool mean with stomach pain?

Well, black stool could be due to blood in the feces. The pain might mean an ulcer. Time for a visit to the doctor.

What type of wizard is Sirius Black?

There aren't types of wizards unless you mean the blood type. In which case he is a pure-blood wizard.

What do the colors green red and black mean to black people?

Green is for the earth. Red is for the blood shed. Black is for the people.Answer:The African Flag.It means red, green, and black?

What causes black blood?

The redder that blood appears signifies the oxygenation of the blood. Black blood signifies a lack of oxygen in the blood.

What snake has black blood?

no snake has black blood because all animal has red blood.

Does black blood clots instead of blood for your period mean your pregnant and if it smells really really bad?

Black blood clots do not relate to whether or not you are pregnant. You should see a doctor if the clots are bad. In general, if you are on your period/ losing blood, you are not pregnant. The smell and color mean you may have an infection It may also be an viral STI (as opposed to just bacterial).

Is The Black Cauldron appropriate?

If you mean the movie, it probably is, but the book is about PG because there is violence and blood

What does it mean when your on depo and black blood comes out of your vagina?

that is not normal you need to see your GP if that happens