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Finding of Death It is a legal "Finding of Death"



"Foreign Object Damage" as the status given in the case of my pilot uncle's death in the downing of his plane by enemy fire during World War II. It can be any number of objects inside or outside an aircraft during war or peace time which cause damage: loose objects in the cockpit; birds, etc. outside the craft.

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Finding of Death, in the absence of a recovered body, soldiers that were determined to be dead under Public Law 490. Made in cases, after at least one year from time of disappearance, when there was either conclusive proof that the person is dead or equally overwhelming evidence that the person could not have remained alive.

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In this context, FOD means Finding of Death. It is used in circumstances in which a body was not recovered or was not identifiable, however, the circumstances around the person's disappearance (eg. aircraft or ship downed at sea, in an instance of heavy shelling, or similar) are sufficient for the military to have determined the person was killed. Essentially, it is Kia minus a body.

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Q: What does casualty status FOD mean for World War 2?
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