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Cadillac Coupe DeVille

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C.C. DeVille has brilliant blue eyes.

Nope. But he does have an older brother. :)

He's okay in my opinion :)

CC DeVille is the guitarist for the band Poison. He has been an active member of the band since 1981 and still continues to play with them on reunion tours.

The CC in Volkswagen CC stands for "Comfort Coupe".

CC stands for Carsten Charles.

cc stand for cubic centimeters, which is the same as milliliters.

"Carsten Charles" Sabathia.

GMP Vs.. not made anymore as far as I know.

the dhs in cadillac deville sedans stands for deville high luxury sedan

cc stands for cubic centimeters,

Deville Touring Sedan?

Poison's guitarist was at the time CC DeVille.

The term CC in email stands for "carbon copy".

"cc" usually stands for cubic centimeters, or centiliters.

The 'cc' comes from the first two letters of cubic centimeters.

CC can be defined as the power of engine, for example 250 cc bike stand for 250cc is the power of engine for that bike.

CC = millilitre: a metric unit of volume equal to one thousandth of a litre

the abriviation " cc " can mean lots of things, but in your question, u mention science , and in science, " cc " stands for cubic centimeters!!!

1988 "the cc stand for 88"

CC stands for carbon copy which is used to send the copy of that mail to other persons

50cc=3ci cc stand for cubic centimeters 1 cc also equals 1 ml

cubic centimetres or cm3 which are also known as millilitres or ml

CC = Carbon Copy BCC = Blind Carbon Copy (No one else will see that you CC'ed that person)

It stands for cross-cut. BAD WOLF