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What does change mean?

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Their are two different kinds of Change. One is change as in money and the other is one like you CHANGE from angry to sad. That was just an example for the angry to sad thing.But its just when you are this to this.

Another way of putting it: A change is when a thing or a process becomes different in some way from what it was previously.

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What does physical change mean?

what does physical change mean

What does change of state mean?

what does the term change of state mean

What is the effect of change of origin and scale on arithmetic mean?

The mean and scale will change by the factor of change for the sample data.

Words that mean the same as change?


How did immigration after change 1865?

you mean change after?

Does meta mean change?

yes it means to change

What do they mean by change is in the air?

It means that change is near.

What does a chemical change of a substance mean?

yes is a change of substance that is can be change no matter what

What does shearing mean?

shearing mean change in shape

What does evidence chemical change mean?

It means it has evedince to change

What does the word variance mean?

difference; change, or amount of change

What does it mean to change the FONT?

to change the way the type looks

What does factor of change mean?

It is something that causes or contributes to a change.

What does the prefix Mut mean from the word mutilate?

to change

What does the constant rate of change mean in math?

The change in y over the change in x

What does mutavit mean?

It changes (future, or always) It will change, It should change, It is fitting for it to change

What does reform mean?


What does cambien mean?


What does speacial mean?

Speacial mean continued without change

What type of change is the melting point of ice?

It's a physical change, not a chemical change. Is that what you mean?

What do you mean by reversible change?

The change can be reversed.The change can be canceled or taken back to earlier state.

Does amend mean cancel?

Amend means change. So the change could mean that something was canceled or deleted, but not always.

What does amend mean?

amend means to changeIt means to change or edit

What does it mean to change the state of matter?

it means to change to a different form

How do trains change?

Um I'm not really pos on that ? What do you mean by change ?