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Chemical composition refers to the elements and their proportions in that mineral. For instance, table salt has equal parts sodium and chlorine. Its chemical composition is NaCl. Or, quartz is one part silicon and two parts oxygen. Its chemical composition is SiO2.

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Why is the chemical composition of a mineral important?

The chemical composition of a mineral is important because it tells what the mineral is.

What does it mean to say that a mineral has a definite chemical composition?

it means that the chemical build up of the mineral never changes

What property of a mineral is determined by its chemical composition?

The color of a mineral sample is determined by its chemical composition

What is mineral composition?

Each known mineral has a specific chemical composition.

What properties of mineral depend on its chemical composition?

ALL of the properties of a mineral depend on it's chemical composition.

What does mineral composition mean?

it means a naturally-occaring, inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a definite chemical composition

Do minerals have chemical compositions?

Yes. Every mineral has a chemical composition.

Why does a mineral have a characteristic chemical composition?

Minerals are basically chemicals in a solid form.A2. Part of the definition of a mineral is that it has a known chemical composition. If its composition were variable, it would not qualify under the definition.

Why is magma not a mineral?

Magma is not a mineral becauseIt is liquid.It does not have a definite chemical composition.

Why is a boulder not a mineral?

A mineral is a naturally occuring chemical compound. A mineral is different from a rock/boulder which can be an aggregate of minerals, or non minerals and does not have a specific chemical composition as a mineral does

How do you classify a mineral?

by its texture, shape, color and chemical composition


It is simple: each mineral has different chemical and physical properties; also the chemical composition is different.

What is a mineral grains?

Mineral grains are crystals or pieces of crystals that vary widely in chemicalcomposition

Is salt water a mineral?

No. a mineral is a compound of fixed chemical composition and of fixed crystal structure.

What is definite chemical composition in reference to mineral definition?

In mineralogy, definite chemical composition refers to a characteristic that a substance must possess to meet the definition of a mineral. It is the narrow parameter of chemical compositions that a substance must have to be described as a particular mineral separate from other minerals.

What is the chemical composition of breccia?

chemical composition mean it is made of body fluid.

What is the chemical or mineral content of a rock based on?

The chemical composition must be determined by analytical methods.

A mineral must be what?

a mineral is defined as any inorganic substance that occurs in nature and has a definite chemical composition.

Which mineral is a cousin to a diamond of chemical composition?

The mineral is carbon: allotropes include diamond, graphite and coal.

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