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P1443 Evaporative Emission Control System - Vacuum System - Purge Control Solenoid or Purge Control Valve fault Loose or defective gas cap will cause this code.

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Q: What does code p1443 mean?
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If a 1997 ford mustang shows a code P1443 how do you fix this?

Code P1443 is idle air Control (IAC) valve Speed fault

What is code p1443 Hyundai Sonata 2000?

P1443 EVAP System - Tank Cap Missing Mostly it may be damaged. usually appears with code P0455

What does the code P1443 and or 420 mean on a 96 Ford Escort?

The p1443 code means a problem with the evaporative emissions system. There could be a problem with a broken or unhooked vacuum hose. Also could be a problem with the solenoid or sensor between throttle body and evaporative canister.

What does code P1443 MEAN in my 1996 FORD aerostar 4.0 l engine?

My book shows it to mean: Evaporative purge flow sensor fault.

How do you fix a check engine light code p1443 on a 1996 mercury cougar?

Follow the troubleshooting tree that is associated with that code.

What does the code P1443 mean on a 1997 Cougar?

The above is copied and pasted from "The Thunderbird And Cougar Owners Club of America" "Straight from the service CD (mostly, I added a descriptor after the code) P1443=A problem with the EVAP purge flow system Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1443 indicates an incorrect evaporative system purge control valve flow. Possible causes: -- Obstructed, open or cracked hoses between EVAP canister purge valve and intake manifold. -- Damaged EVAP canister purge valve. -- Damaged PF sensor."

Voltage diagram to emission solenoid ford aerostar?

P1443 code evap emissions control malfuction no voltage at solenoid.

What are trouble codes P0118 P1443 P0301 P0306 for a 1996 Ford Aerostar?

Trouble code P0118 means: Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit High Input Trouble code P1443 means: Evaporative Emission System Control Valve (low/no flow) Trouble code P0301 means: Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected Trouble code P0306 means: Cylinder Number 6 Misfire Detected

Code p1443 and changed the canister purge valve but check engine light still on?

you need to unhook your negative cable for a few that will reset>

What do the daignostic trouble codes p0118 p1443 p0301 p0306 for a 1996 aerostar mean?

p1443 is an evap probleem. check hoses between evap cannister and intake manifold. look for leaks, cracks, broken, etc etc hope this helps. also type code into google and do some quick research. hope this helps. good luck . S. San Diego, Ca

What is code P1443 on 1997 Ford Escort?

Evaporative Emission Control System control valve malfunction. You need a new evap control surge solenoid valve.

1996 Ranger failed emissions test with code P1443 what is the problem and estimate cost to repair?

The code P1443 for the 1996 Ranger means that there is a problem with the EVAP Pressure Sensor. The real culprit might be the Vapor Canister Purge Valve since the EVAP Pressure Sensor rarely fails. The VCP Valve is around $60. Before purchasing this part, check all hoses around it for leaks.

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