What does colitas mean in the song Hotel California?

I`m sorry i`m not an English speaker native, as you may know now the word colitas is an spanish word and it means a small tail. since the marijuana or also known in Mexico as amapola has at the end of the plant a thing that looks like cotton ball or like a sheep`s tail. sheep=borrego; tail=cola=colita. so, the people who uses this kind of drug says "this is pure sheep`s tail", or in spanish "es pura colita de borrego" or "puras colitas".

in the song hotel California says on a dark dessert highway (in baja California Mexico there is dessert and no lights on the higways), cool wind in my head (means he could be drivin a car with no roof) warm smell of colitas ( he was smoking marijuana) raisin up to the air ( the smoke of a cigarette goes up) ............. my head grow heavy and my sight grow dimm ( this is an effect of using maijuana)