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Ground Coriander gives a spicy, somewhat nutty and citrus flavor. It can give a zesty pep to many dishes.

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Ground Coriander gives a spicy, somewhat nutty and citrus flavor. It can give a zesty pep to many dishes.

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Q: What does coriander taste like?
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Related questions

What does ground coriander taste like?

Ground Coriander gives a spicy, somewhat nutty and citrus flavor. It can give a zesty pep to many dishes.

Can ground coriander seed be subsituted for coriander leaves?

Not if you want it to taste the same! The leaf of the same plant is cilantro.

What does coriander leaves smell like?

coriander leaves smell like cilantro. Coriander leaf IS cilantro.

What does coriander smell like?

Coriander has a pungent lavender-like smell. I smelled this from the seeds, not from the leaves.

Where is cilantro originated from?

Cilantro is the leaf of the coriander plant. 2 seasonings that don't taste at all the same!

What spice tastes like coriander?


What can you use instead of cilantro?

Vietnamese coriander is very much like cilantro and makes an excellent substitute as does coriander and parsley

Is coriander a vegetable?

No, coriander is a herb

What is ground coriander in Spanish?


What can you substitute for cumin seeds with cooking?

Cumin seeds can be substituted with coriander seeds. It will yield a different taste, but it will complement the savory flavor.

What do Americans call coriander leaves?

Americans call coriander leaves "coriander" or "cilantro."

What is coriander in Tamil?

Coriander = "Malli" (மல்லி) Coriander Power = "Malli Podi" (மல்லிப்பொடி)

What can be used in place of Coriander?

The fresh herb coriander (also known as cilantro) can usually be replaced by a mild herb such as flat-leaf Italian parsley, dill, or fennel fronds. The taste is similarly light and fresh, but the base flavour is slightly different. Dry coriander has quite a distinctive flavour that is difficult to substitute.

What is the Tamil name for parsley herb?

Parsley is Chinese coriander. It looks like our Indian coriander (kothamalli) but it doesn't have that significant aroma which our kothamalli has.

What would you use coriander for?

Coriander is a herb, it has a distinct spicy taste and is often used to enhance the flavour of spicy food such as curry, balti, kebabs or other mainly Indian food, it is also used as a garnish for spicy food.

Is the poisonous coriander the same as the coriander you cook with?


Is coriander a leafy vegetable?

No, coriander is an herb.

How do you pronounced coriander seeds?

coriander seeds

What is the distinction between coriander and parsley?

Coriander is actually part of the parsley family. Its leaves (technically called cilantro) have a stronger, more distinctive flavor that can dominate a dish (as opposed to plain, or Italian parsley, that is more mild). For many, it's an acquired taste -- some people feel it tastes like soap. In addition, coriander seeds (really the mature, dried fruit) are used as a separate spice (tasting nothing like the leaves), generally ground and served in Middle Eastern dishes along with spices like Cumin.

Can you substitute cumin for coriander?

If you are making a mexican dish cumin and coriander are often used for various dishes, and can some times be substituted for one another. Although they have almost the same aroma they taste quite different. Coriander leaf (cilantro) and coriander are the most similar in flavor and can be substituted for one another in most cases. Just use about 1/3 as much spice as you would leaf.

Is there any evidence that manna could be mushrooms?

I don't know. But the bible says that it was like white coriander seed, which is smaller than most mushrooms and tasted like honey made with wafers. Most mushrooms taste kind of earthy.

10 grams coriander seeds equals how many teaspoons ground coriander?

6 grams of coriander seeds =how mady grams of coriander powder

Do brains taste like chicken?

No, they do not taste like chicken. They most likey taste like blood vessels.

Is coriander and cumin the same herb?

No; coriander and cilantro are.

Can you freeze coriander?

Yes, you can safely freeze coriander.