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'Call' is ambiguous. It could be (erroneous) 'call' (telephone) in English, or derive from Spanish 'callar' = be quiet, shut up. This also makes 'te vas' (you leave/are you leaving/are you going to) ambiguous. Permutations are:

'Cuando te vas call....' = When you leave, call/When are you going to call/ When you leave, be quiet/When are you going to shut up.

'estoy reservando para mi papa lunes7....' = I am reserving Monday 7th for me/(and) my dad/daddy/pa....

'se pueden ir juntos' = Can you/they go together?

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Q: What does cuando te vas call estoy reservando para mi papa lunes 7 se pueden ir juntos?
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I am happy when i am with you in spanish?

Estoy feliz cuando estoy contigo.

How do you say when im in Spanish?

cuando estoy...

What does cuando estoy contigo mean?

It means "When I am with you"

How do you say 'I am glad we are together' in Spanish?

Estoy feliz que estamos juntos.

How to spell when I'm sad in Spanish?

when i am sad : cuando estoy triste.i am sad : estoy triste.

How do you say I am glade we are together in Spanish?

Estoy encantado de que estemos juntos.

How do you say When im there in spanish?

If you mean 'When I arrive' - Cuando llegare If you mean 'When I'm in that place' - Cuando estoy alli.

Happy when I'm with you in spanish?

"Soy feliz cuando estoy con usted."

How would you translate I am sad when I am not with you to spanish would it be like Estoy triste cuando no estoy con tu?

Translation: Estoy triste cuando no estoy contigo. You could also say "Me entristezco cuando no estoy contigo" (I sadden when I am not with you), but this is more literary, although the emotion comes off more strongly. Just as a note to your translation: "con tú" does not exist in Spanish and always becomes "contigo". (The same with "con mí" becoming "conmigo". "Consigo" has a set of unique rules which is why "con él", "con ella", and "con Ud." do not automatically become "consigo".)

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mariluz chavez huaman

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"I'm at home. Call me when you get out of school."

How do you say I'm ready to go when he calls me in Spanish?

Estoy lista a ir cuando él me llame.