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To put away. An example is putting someone in jail is detaining them

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What does to keep back or from to withhold mean?


What does do not detain mean?

It means do not delay something.

What does it mean when authorities detain someone?

When authorities detain someone, it means that they are kept under restraint, such as being handcuffed. Alternatively it may mean that they are locked up and put into custody.

Use the word detain in a sentence?

I will detain your bike. Police can not detain my car.

What is a sentence with detain?

I'll detain you no further.

How do you spell detain?

Detain is the correct spelling.

What is a sentence for the word detain?

We won't detain you any further. Find a way to detain him until I get there.

Is detain a antonym for persecute?

No. Persecute and detain are not antonyms or synonyms.

What is a sentence with detain in it?

The police officer decided to detain the suspect.Detain: Deprive of freedom; Put under custody; Hold

How can you use detain in a sentence?

Please don't detain me, I am already late.

How do you say detension in sign language?

Either DETAIN or DETAIN + TIME.DETAIN is the same sign as MILK except you only squeeze once and hold it.

What is a sentence for detain?

Detain suspects believed to be illegally in the uk take them to police stations.

What is a good sentence using the word detain?

The police had enough evidence to detain him for further questioning.

What is a word that is opposite of the word detain?

in the judicial/ law enforcement meaning of detain, the antonym is " to release"

What is the root word of detain?

Detain is already a root word. It would be the root for the word 'detained'.

What does a do not detain mean?

A do not detain order is law enforcement's way of letting you know that they're not interested in pursuing any minor charges against you because you're under investigation for bigger things. If you are on the Do Not Detain list, take advantage of it! I sure do. I speed, do burn-outs in front of cops, and generally clown on them if they do pull me over. It's a bunch of fun to mess with them.

Can an off duty police officer detain a suspect in Ohio?

Yes, even just a citizen can detain a suspect.

In 1919 British plans to intern people suspected of sedition What does intern mean?

Intern means to imprison or detain, in this context.

To keep back or from to withhold?


Is persecute and detain synonyms?


Does the government detain mentally ill people?

They only detain mentally ill people when they pose an immediate threat to themselves or to others.

What rhymes with detain?

remain, brain, etc.

Do they have to detain you at the store to charge you with retail theft?


What is the verb for detention?

The verb for detention is detain.Other verbs depending on the tense are detains, detaining and detained.Some example sentences are:"We will detain him"."The officer detains the suspect"."We are detaining you for attempted murder"."He was detained in a maximum security prison".

Can an apartment security guard detain search you and your car in Va?

No, an apartment security guard cannot detain and search a person or their car. They cannot do this, unless they have a warrant.

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