What does diligo vestri mean?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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I care for you.

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Q: What does diligo vestri mean?
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What does Omnis Vestri Substructio mean?

All your base

What does exspecto pro meus diligo mean?

For my love, I look for the

What does Totus Votum Diligo mean?

Whole Prayer To value highly

What does questio pro diligo mean?

It probably means that someone has used an on line translator to try to translate English to Latin. They don't work. 'Questio pro diligo' is gibberish.

What does meus pectus pectoris est forever vestri mean?

My Heart is forever your

How do you say her love in latin?

love : diligo, dilectio, amor her love: suus diligo

When was RenΓ© Vestri born?

René Vestri was born on 1938-10-25.

What does Ego Diligo Deus and Laus Deus Semper mean?

Ego diligo Deus means I love God in non-grammatical Latin and Laus Deus Semper means "Praise God Always"

What does EGO mos diligo vos pro totus vicis mean?

I will love you for all the time

What does 'meus diligo est vestri forever' mean?

It means 'Someone has been using an online translator for Latin' It's an attempt to translate to Latin using an online translator. They mangle Latin horribly. Whoever did this should have had a clue when 'forever' showed up in the so-called 'Latin.' Having some experience with 'translatorese,' what was put it was: 'My love is yours forever.' The Latin is meaningless.

When was Mauro Vestri born?

Mauro Vestri was born on February 25, 1938, in Genoa, Liguria, Italy.

What does Ago vestri vita mean?

Ago vestri vita is false Latin produced by a certain online translator when it is given the sentence "Live your life". In fact, it means "I, life of you all, act".The correct Latin translation of "Live your life" is Age vitam tuam.