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A United States coin worth a tenth of a Dollar.

It also has a lot of slang meanings. It's slang uses have bean related to the number 10, so it makes sense that a Dime is worth one TENTH of a Dollar.

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Q: What does dime mean in English?
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What does Si Dime mean in english?

Yes, tell me.

What does dime que gustas saber de mi mean in English?

"Tell me that you like to know from/about me."

What does Dime dos cosas que no eres mean in English?

"Tell me two things you're not."

What does dime si te vas con el mean in English?

tell me if you're going with him

What does Dime algo ya estas casada mean in english?

Translation: Tell me something. Are you married already?

Is dime a native English word?

No. Dime comes from late Latin and French roots.

How much was an English dime worth in 1750?

The British have never produced a Dime coin.

What does the coin dime mean?

A dime is equal to 10 cents.

What does dime a quien no le gusta el sexo mean in English?

It means "Tell me who doesn't like sex."

What is the metric and English measurements for a dime?

about 1cm

What does it mean to dime you out?

Rat/Snitch/Narc/drop the dime/tell.

What does ok dime porqueyo no te ise nada in English mean?

It means, "OK, tell me; because I didn't do anything to you."

What does it mean when someone calls you a dime?

A Dime is a nice looking chick (girl).

What does Dime Donde mean?

you tell me where

What does a dime a dozen mean?

The expression "a dime a dozen" means that something is commonly available.

What metric unit can be used to measure the mass of a dime?

The best metric unit to measure the mass of a dime, assuming you mean the coin variety of a dime, would be the gram. The typical weight for a US dime is currently about 2.27grams, though the Canadian dime's weight may differ. If you mean the chocolate bar Dime however, then you should also use grams.

What does dime mi amor mean?

Tell me my love

Thin as a dime mean?

Thin. Very thin.

What does it mean if someone calls you a dime?

it means that you are fine!!

If you find a dime does it mean an angel is watching over you?


What does it mean when a guy calls you a dime?

It means you are a "TEN".

What does Dime quรฉ edad tu tienes precisa mean in English?

It means, "Tell me what age you have precise." It's better translated, "Tell me your exact age."

Whats on the tail side of a dime?

Which one? If you mean a Roosevelt dime, a torch, olive branch and a oak leaf.

What is the value of a 1938 Canadian dime?

A 1938 Canadian dime is worth approximately $1.30. The date on the coin does not mean much, however the dime is mainly comprised of silver.

What is a 1940 half dime worth?

The last half dime was 1873. If you mean a half dollar it's worth about $4.00