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What does discontinued mean?

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βˆ™ 2008-12-28 02:40:24

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"Discontinued" means to stop doing something.

2008-12-28 02:40:24
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What does cell phone discontinued mean?

All things that are discontinued are no longer being produced.

What does a discontinued stipulation mean?

A discontinued stipulation means that a specific order has been stopped. This will eliminate any form of obligation to the parties involved.

Has the rumor phone been discontinued?

If you mean the Lg Rumor then no it hasn't been discontinued. Lg actually just came out with the Lg rumor 2

Which is correct A number was discontinued or A number were discontinued?

a number was discontinued numbers were discontinued was is 1 were is 2+

What does Le Concorde mean in french?

Le Concorde refers to a supersonic aircraft (discontinued).

When was it discontinued?

what year was redken ppt discontinued

Did Cory in the house discontinued?

Yes, it has been discontinued.

Why is sweetex discontinued?

Sweetex has not been discontinued. Why would it be?

Is miller chill discontinued?

discontinued in march 2013

Is the PS Vita discontinued?

No, the PSVita has not been discontinued.

Which is discontinued pipes in plumbing?

Polybutylene pipe is a discontinued pipe.

When was clay sewer pipe discontinued?

It is NOT discontinued in many areas

Where can you get discontinued Uggs?

i am looking for discontinued duck ugg boots

Was the Buick regal discontinued?

It was discontinued in 2005 but was reinstated for 2011.

Will Lego Ninjago be discontinued in 2013?

Ninjago will be discontinued in 2013

Is Lego ninjago going to be discontinued?

Yes it will be discontinued in 2013

What does it mean if a court case is discontinued?

It means that the person who commenced the action (lawsuit) has dropped (cancelled) the action.

Which is correct whether leave has been discontinued or leave have been discontinued?

Leave is singular, so it should be "leave has been discontinued."

Have Nabisco Twigs been discontinued?

Yes, Twigs have been discontinued.

Is the ps2 being discontinued?

Yes. It was discontinued on January 4, 2013.

Why did Venezia perfume by Laura Biagiotti get discontinued?

The Parfume was simply discontinued.

No. This product has been discontinued for years.?

No. This product has been discontinued for years.

What tire is compatible with the discontinued P23570r15 all season radial?

I do not know what you mean by discontinued P235/70-15. Almost every tire manufacture makes all season radial tire in this size. You have multiple choices.

When was the Game Boy colour discontinued?

The Game Boy Color was discontinued in 2003.

Are plasma TVs being discontinued?

Yes, some manufactures have already discontinued them.