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What does dominion mean?

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having control over something.

being the boss.

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What does the TD in TD Banknorth mean?

Toronto-Dominion , the name of the owners of TD Banknorth (ie Toronto-Dominion Bank)

What does the TD in td bank mean?


What does td in td waterhouse mean?

Toronto Dominion Bank

What does it mean when the police say dominion and control?

"Dominion and control" over contraband or inculpatory evidence is a major legal concept as to the application of the Exclusionary Rule.

What did it mean to be a dominion?

A dominion is a self-governing authority of a territory. Dominions were formerly seen during the British Empire with such countries of New Zealand and Canada.

What does td in td garden mean?

TD means Toronto Dominion.

What did dominion status mean for Canada?

nothing more and nothing less

What does ODU stamped on ring mean?

Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA

What is the etymology of the word 'dominion'?

The word 'dominion' came from the Latin word 'dominus', meaning lord.

How do you use dominion in a sentence?

nc is not a dominion state.

What was not true about the dominion of Canada?

It is not a "dominion" it is a Confederation of Nations.

How many pages does No Dominion have?

No Dominion has 272 pages.

Use dominion in a sentence?

the gov. have dominion over the u.s.a.

Where is the old dominion?

Virginia is called the Old Dominion State.

Synonyms for territory?

"district", "dominion", "soil" and "territorial dominion"

Dominion in a sentence?

The Dominion is ruling the whole city/province

Can you Use the word dominion in a sentence?

This is my dominion. You are not allowed to enter.

How big is king's dominion?

Kings Dominion is 400 acres.

When was Dominion Building created?

Dominion Building was created in 1910.

When was Dominion Theatre created?

Dominion Theatre was created in 1929.

When was Dominion Observatory created?

Dominion Observatory was created in 1905.

What is Dominion Resources's population?

Dominion Resources's population is 18,000.

What is the population of Dominion Resources?

The population of Dominion Resources is 2,008.

When did Dominion of Pakistan end?

Dominion of Pakistan ended in 1956.

When was Dominion of Pakistan created?

Dominion of Pakistan was created in 1947.