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What does dos por dos mean?


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Dos por Dos means

Two times two



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he who speaks two languages is worth 2 (persons)

Literally, it means "two by three". Depending the context, it could mean "frequently".

The cast of Dos valientes por herencia - 1994 includes: Patricia Rivera

It means:"Divided by".This is used often in maths in Spanish.Example:"Veinte dividido por dos son" in English means, "20 divided by 2 is..."

The cast of Dos cortados por favor - 2004 includes: Michael Baral as Keenan

Ahh que bueno por que el que habla dos idiomas vale por dos...

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multiplicado por dos... :)

Felicidades por tus dos años.Felicidades por tu cumpleaños número dos (but it still sounds rare to be said in Spanish).

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dos por favor de caliendo

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If you mean the Spanish ''por'' as in the English ''for'', its για (gia).

It is "Dos cervezas por hora"

You can say "Dos huevos por favor".

Puedo tener dos bebidas, por favor?

Translation: Dos capuchinos por favor

por kay (spelt 'por que') is simply "why"; e.g. 'por que no?', "why not?"

What does the term mean prompt in dos

"¿Por qué [k] no?" It means, "Why not?"

Thanks for two great nights, darling.

four significa cuatro. for (sin u) significa por o para, pero se pronuncia los dos el mismo

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