What does ecosse mean?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: What does ecosse mean?
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What does ecosse mean ref Scotland?

l'Ecosse - Scotland

What does ecosse mean in french?

l'Ecosse means Scotland

When was Ascari Ecosse created?

Ascari Ecosse was created in 1998.

When was Ecurie Ecosse created?

Ecurie Ecosse was created in 1952.

What is the englsih translation for La Nouvelle-Ecosse?

Ecosse means Scotland, so it must mean "The New Scotland" or "Neo-Scottish" or similar. context should help you figure out the precise meaning.

What does il est dans un village en Ecosse mean in french?

"he is in a village in Scotland"

What are significant names of Scotland?

Alba, Caledonia, Scotia, Ecosse (French)

How do you say Scotland in different languages?

Ecosse, Escocia, Scotia, Schottland, Scozia

What has the author David Murray written?

David Murray has written: 'Ecurie Ecosse'

What do other countries call Scotland?

Ecosse (France), Escocia (Spain), Schottland (Germany)...

How do you say ' we went to Nova Scotia' in french?

Nous sommes partis en Nouvelle-Ecosse.

What is the capital city of ecosse?

Écosse is French for Scotland. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, spelled Édimbourg in French.