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What does et c'est très ennuyeux mean?

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and this is very boring / bothering

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What does french word et mean?

et is French for "and".

What does et j'habite mean?

et - and J'habite - I live

What does voul et vous et francais mean?

voulez-vous... mean do you want...

What does the motto Pateria et spe mean?

Do you mean Patria et spe - Motherland and Hope

What does et tout mean?

'et tout' is French for 'and all'

What does et voilà mean?

'Et voilà' means 'there you go.'

What does et j'espere mean?

et j'espère: and I hope

What does et or ette mean?

"et" means "and". "ette" does not exist.

How do you spell and in French?

and=etEt means "and", if you were to write "est" that would mean "is", not "and".The French for "and" is et.

What does moi ET mean in french?

Hi , Usually if you would say "MOI ET" it would be uncompleted , but it would mean "ME AND". So if I would say :"MOI ET Toi" it would mean "ME AND You".

What does et alia mean?

"Et alia" is Latin for "and other things."

What does et demain mean?

et demain means 'and tomorrow' in French.

What dose 333 mean?

Tricenti et triginta et tres.

What does Et demain mean in English?

Et demain means 'and tomorrow'

What does et quand mean in English?

et quand ? means 'and when?' in English.

What does wye mean in language?

where you et (et is a ghetto way to say at)

What does et mean?

it means and

What does et ta kel ange mean?

Maybe you mean: et tu as quel age? which means: And how old are you?

What does the medical abbreviation ET mean?

Depending on context, ET can mean endotracheal, essential thrombocytosis, or essential tremor.

In legal terminology what does et seq mean?

"et. seq." means "and the following"

What does vigila et ora mean?

Vigila Et Ora is latin for Watch And Pray

WHAT DOES Et volia mean?

'Et voila' means 'and that's it' or 'finished' or something similar.

What does Et Cetera mean in latin?

The phrase is "et cetera". It means "and the rest", or "and so on".

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