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In French, fait is a conjugated form of the verb faire, which means to do, but it also means fact, which is the applicable context in this phrase. Fait accompli literally translates into fact accomplished.

In English, (and in French) fait accompli means a course of events that has already been completed and cannot be undone, or something that has been decided and is, therefore, a done deal. If, for example, you are the Chairman of an organization and you have the authority to appoint someone to an office, and you have done so, the appointment is not open to discussion, it is a fait accompli.

More recently, fait accompli has been used in a different sense. It is commonly (and incorrectly) used to describe a future task, or a task underway not yet completed, with a very high degree of confidence in the success of the outcome. For example, a prospective home buyer may tell the existing seller of the home that, while he has not yet obtained a mortgage, the financial arrangements are a fait accompli, meaning that the homebuyer is certain there will be no obstacles in securing the financing.

An action that when completed can not be reversed by anyone affected by the action.

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Q: What does fait accompli mean?
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What does fait de complet mean?

The correct term is 'fait accompli'. It means something which is completed, usually irrevocably. "He didn't wait his parents to sell the car, but it was a fait accompli"

What does fete accompli mean?

Fait accompli means something already done and beyond alteration

Fait a complete?

This is likely a misspelling of "fait accompli." Fait accompli refers to something that is done, such as an action, that is irreversible.

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Use fait accompli in a sentence?

A fait accompli is an accomplished fact; an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it. From French, meaning "an accomplished fact." Example:The enemy's defeat was a fait accompli long before the formal surrender.

What is fait a compli?

Something that is already done, no longer changeable. (it should be - fait accompli)

Fait a compli?

Fait accompli is a French phrase which means an accomplished fact, or an action that is presumably irreversible. Its first known recorded usage was in 1845.

What is the French word for something already done?

fait accompli

What is the latin meaning for fait accompli?

French. an accomplished fact;

What does the phrase 'fata compli' mean and what language does it come from?

I think you mean "fete accompli" and if so, it is from french, and it basically means "festival/celebration/event accomplished" Correct phrase is 'fait accompli' and translates, more or less, accomplished fact. Usage: By running away to be married, the two young people presented their parents with a 'fait accompli.' This is understood to mean 'NYAH nyah, can't touch this!

How do you spell fate a compli?

The spelling is fait accompli, a "done thing".

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What does the French phrase fete de compli mean?

Fait accompli - something that has already been done and that you can't do anything about.

What does fete de compli mean?

Spelled "fait accompli", French for "accomplished fact"-- presumably irreversible. Also a "done deal." The January 2010 election of a Senate Republican committed to voting against the health care bill made the bill's defeat a fait accompli.

Fait de complis?

This phrase is actually derived from the French fait accompli. This means that there is something that has been done and cannot be undone.

What does fait a complit mean?

'Fait accompli' is a French expression. It means: "It has been successfully accomplished. It is done and finished. It is a final, unalterable and irreversible deed." Example sentence: * The board of directors did not discuss the retiring director's pension arrangements with the government because they believed that it was a fait accompli, a contractual obligation and not open to revision or review by external bodies. For references, see Related links below this box.

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By waiting until fait brings you two together. That's cool, but it's not fait accompli. Now that you found your partner, howdy you going to keep it for life? Get married man.

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What does fait mean in french?

"Fait" comes from the verbe FAIRE which mean TO DO. So "fait" means: It's done

What does fe de complet mean in English?

You may be asking about the phrase fait accompli, which is French for "accomplished fact", that is, a deed that has been done and cannot be undone. The pronunciation is "fet ah-cõ-PLEE", where the 'õ' is a nasalized short 'o'.

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'amour fait' translates as 'Love does'

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il fait gris means : a Gray

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ça fait - literally 'that does it' - that means/ the result is

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"what does"