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this is not a cake one can eat. it means the size of an economy

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What does economic status mean?

Economic status is the status in which you or your family is in, for example, wealthy or poor.

How is feudalism a economic system?

i like cake

What is a good sentence for cake?

cake is good for everyone. My family and I made Chocolate Cake.

What are the release dates for Cake Boss - 2009 Cake Boss Family Feast?

Cake Boss - 2009 Cake Boss Family Feast was released on: USA: 24 November 2011

What are the economic functions of the family?

the economic function of the family is the things that the family members wants, their needs and how much they have to get it.

Does man eating cake exist?

If you mean a cake that eats people, the answer is no. If you mean a man that eats cake, the answer is yes.

If they have Angel food cake on earth does that mean they have People cake in heaven?

No but they have Devil's food cake on earth too. Does that mean they have People food cake in hell? (yes)

What does invert cake in pan mean?

Turn the cake over

What do your friends mean when they say you have a birthday cake?

you have a birthday cake

What has the author Abdullahi Aliyu written?

Abdullahi Aliyu has written: 'F(FEamily Economic Advancement Programme AP)' -- subject(s): Domestic Economic assistance, Economic assistance, Economic assistance, Domestic, Family 'Nigerian economic breakthrough' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Economic conditions 'Press briefing on the disbursement of the second batch of loans under Family Economic Advancement Programmes (FEAP)' -- subject(s): Domestic Economic assistance, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Family, Economic assistance, Domestic, Family

Is family picnic an economic activity?

no its non economic activity.

What does cake mean in french?

cake is tranlated "gâteau" in French

You gave up bread for Lent does that mean no cake too?

No. You can have cake.

What does torta porte mean in spanish?

Porte cake. Some sort of cake

What were some economic products of pennsylvanian colony?

there were food ice cake and ice-cream

What does pass on the chocolate cake mean?

If someone says that they'll "pass on the chocolate cake.". they mean that they won't be having any.

What does 'economic' mean?


What would cake appetite mean?

'cake appetite' is an expression. it means that someone likes cake so much, they would eat cake for each meal.

What does the c word mean?


What does Kuchen mean?

Kuchen = cake

What does cake mean in slang?


What does un gateau mean?

"a cake"

What are Kirby puckett's family members?

Cheese cake dinner

Is cack a swear word?

cack? Do you mean cake? Why would cake be a swear word?

What is batter cake?

I think you mean "cake batter". And it is the wet mix of all of the combined ingredients that will then be poured into a cake pan to be baked.