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What does feathered hair look like?


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Feathered hair? I will start out by assuming you are under the age of atleast 25. Feathered hair is usually parted in the middle and then brushed back towards the back of the head.Usually blow dryed this way for better effect. Go back and look at ANY pictures or T.V. shows from the 80's, especially Jane Fonda workout videos. You can't miss "the look".


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Normally to have hair feathered, it is cut using the shape of the head as a guide. Part the hair and hold it straight out. Using the same angle of the shape of the hair, cut hair. There are many other factors and methods used in feathering hair but this method works for basic feathering.Trim and shaggy style.ANSWERto get a feathered hairstyle it's best to ask for lots of layers and for it to be cut with a razor instead of shears. Using a razor actually breaks up the ends of the hair giving it a more feathered look compared to just the blunt cut of a shear.

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