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fertig ist das ABC are the closing words of the German of the ABC-song and translate as the ABC is finished/over.

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Q: What does fertig das ist abc mean in german?
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What is ABC in German?

English: "the alphabet" is German: "das Alphabet".

What does das pferd mean in German?

(das) Pferd = (the) horse

What does das ende mean?

Das Ende is German for the end.

What does das Mutterschiff mean in German?

Das Mutterschiff' = the mother ship

What does Vas ist das mean in German?

Was ist das = what ist that

What does present mean in German?

Das Geschenk

What does diary mean in German?

(das) Tagebuch

What does this mean in German das ist nicht?

"That is not" is "das ist nicht" in English.

What does the German word Das mean?

It means "the" ^this is kinda right^ Das depending on its context can mean, this, that, or the. Like many German words 'das' encompasses more of an idea than a single meaning. Das basically means a singular thing.

What does 'gum' mean in German?

English "the gum" means German "das Gummi".

What does das farht mean in German?

Although English speakers love to laugh at the German word fahrt, it does not mean fart. "Das fahrt" would have to be either "die Fahrt" (the trip) or "das fährt" (it drives).

What does the English word 'gift' mean in German?

The German word for "gift/present" is das Geschenk. This should not be confused with das Gift, which means "poison."