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What does finesse mean?

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It means 'delicate manipulation' . In bridge it means leading a lower card from dummy when the player between you and dummy has a high card, but you hold an even higher one. If the opponent plays his high card you take the trick from your hand, but if he plays a lower card than dummy, you also play lower and let dummy's card take the trick.

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What does swaggar mean?

to have style and confidence. syn. finesse

What does Sasha mean in panamanian?

finesse, beautiful in shape and in form

What is a sentence for the word finesse?

the man has a certain finesse about him.

How tall is Finesse Mitchell?

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How can you use the word finesse in a sentence?

The word "finesse" can be used as a noun in a sentence. She performed her routine with great finesse.

How do you use finesse in a sentence?

He flourished the sword with great finesse.

Is finesse an abstract noun?

Yes, finesse is an abstract noun.

How do use the word finesse in a sentence?

Golf is a game of finesse, not power.

How do you use a word finesse in a sentence?

You use the word finesse in a sentence by saying something like; the girl had a dissapointing performance which lacked finesse.

When was Lord Finesse born?

Lord Finesse was born on 1970-02-19.

How do you use the noun finesse?

Some finesse is helpful when dealing with difficult customers.

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What are some synonyms of the term 'finesse'?

Some synonyms for the word finesse are adroitness, competence, stratagem, guile, cunning, diplomacy and tact. Other synonyms are ingenuity, skill, and poise.

When was Finesse Mitchell born?

Finesse Mitchell was born on June 12, 1972, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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