What does fire bellied toads eat?

Fire bellied toads eat crickets. They eat 2 or 3 every other day. They can also eat 1 mealworm two times a week instead of crickets. Once a month or less often sometimes, I feed my toads 1 wax worm each, then skip a feeding. They eat no crickets on wax worm day. On the feeding after the skipped one, theyonly eat 2 crickets each. The next feeding they continue to eat normally.

To ensure the crickets have full nutritional value they should be gut loaded (fed) on healthy vegetables, like carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and green leaves immediately before being fed to the frogs. Crickets that aren't gut loaded are not very nutritious. Once a week, feeder insects should also be dusted with a calcium and vitamin powder, to ensure the toads are getting sufficient calcium and vitamins.

Phoenix worms are another excellent food for frogs and toads because they are very rich in calcium. They are the maggots of the black soldier fly and can be bought online now.