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Forward is used to send a copy of a received email to someone else.

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Q: What does forward mean in an email?
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Related questions

What does forward mean when sending an email?

Well... Forward means that you can send the same email to other recipients. Thanks for your time!

What does the forward button mean on email?

Forward means to email back using the same subject. If you have any other questions from wiki answers email me at

Is forwarding email illegal?

Most of the time, it is not illegal to forward email. However, there could be places, and circumstances, where it is illegal to forward email. At work, it might be illegal to forward email. It might be illegal to forward an email that has spam, or porno, or a virus in it. It all depends on where you are when you forward the email, who you forward the email to, and what the email contains.

What is forward used for in emails?

The forward function allows you to forward an exact copy of the email to a different email address.

What does the forward mean on email?

It means to send an e-mail you received to someone else.

What does Forward mean on a email?

It means you copy the e-mail and send it on to various people.

What does a forward email mean?

It means you copy the e-mail and send it on to various people.

How do you forward a text message to an email address?

how do I forward a text message to my email address

How would one go about exchanging an email archive with a friend?

To exchange an email archive with a friend, all you need to do is forward the email. You can forward the email to your friend by pressing the forward button, and entering your friend's email address.

Why do you use forward in Email?

Forward allows you to forward the message to someone else. However, be careful-- email should be private unless you have good reason to forward.

How do you automatically forward incoming Email from one Email address to another Email address?

Click the forward button Answer:A message filter will do this automatically and not require that you click the forward button.

How do you forward your husbands texts to your email?

You can't forward texts to email but you can copy the text, go into the email app, compose a new email to yourself, paste it, and hit send.

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