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What does founded mean?

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  • "Established" ("The United States was founded in 1776.")
  • "Based" ("The United States is founded on the principle that all people are created equal.")
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When was the Tigers founded?

If you mean the Detroit Tigers, they were founded in 1894.

Who founded Sims 3?

You mean ''Who founded the sims series?''?That would be Will Wright.

Does founded mean the same thing as invented?

No invented is made, founded Is found.

When was san gabriel mission found?

What do you mean by "Found" do you mean foundED

When did Auckland exist?

It is still there - did you mean when was it founded?

What does dump founded mean?

It means that it in the story

When was Picasso founded?

If you mean when he was born, it was in 1881.

Why was Marilyn founded?

If you mean Monroe-she was an actress

When was professional football created?

If you mean American Football (NFL) it was founded in 1920, Canadian Football (CFL) it was founded in 1958 but you mean soccer i dont know

Why was the Islam faith founded?

What! Why was it founded? It seems to be a funny question, why was Christianity 'founded' I guess maybe you mean what is the point of it, its initial goals.I don't know.Anyways.

What is produced in Ireland?

if you mean made or founded.......guinness !!

What does the protestant church was established mean?

it was founded/created

When was topedo7 found?

Did you mean torpedo7? It was founded in 2003.

When was the Reds founded?

If you mean the Cincinnati Reds, then they were founded in 1881. Liverpool F.C. (known as the The Reds) was founded on 3 June 1892. Rhode Island Reds FC (known as The Reds) was founded in 2012.

Who founded website chacha?

Assuming you mean the ChaCha Search Engine, it was founded by Scott A. Jones and Brad Bostic.

Why this colony was founded and where the settlers came from?

Do you mean "why this country was founded" or colony, because you have to be specific (what colony are you talking about).your mather

How old is Halifax?

If you mean the British bank, it was founded in 1853. The city of Halifax (in Canada) was founded in 1749 by the British government.

Who found Chevrolet?

I didn't think it was lost. Or did you mean founded?

What does justly mean in Shakespeare?

in a way that is well founded; justifiably

Which country found cricket?

I am assuming you mean which country founded cricket. There is overwhelming evidence that cricket was founded in the southeast region of England.

Does founded mean the same thing as established?

Yes, it does in most cases.

What was Rome's ancestors?

If you mean who founded Rome in the legend, the answer is Romulus and Remus.

Does found and founded mean the same thing?

It depends on the context. If you are saying that you found a lost item, then no, they don't mean the same thing. But if you are talking about who founded a city then it can be the past tense of found. Make sense?

When did they find Buddhism?

Perhaps you mean when was Buddhism founded? Buddha was born in 563 B.C. so it was sometime after that, during his lifetime, since he founded Buddhism.

Why was mew york founded?

Land settlement and English wanted more land in the Americas If you mean New York City, it was founded by the Dutch not the English.

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