What does freon in ac unit smell like?

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There is no smell, unless somebody has used something like 22a freon which is actually propane and may have a sulphur smell
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How much is Freon per pound and how many pounds can be pumped into a central AC unit?

Freon is a brand name coined by Dupont. Most residential ac's use R-22 currently. Cost to the consumer is going to be around $39.80/lb. Capacity is going to vary by size of unit and different condenser/coil combinations. The average, if there is one, would be around 4 lbs. Another answer $40 a ( Full Answer )

How do you remove freon from a window AC unit?

Answer . \nmy first response is why?...if you are not a trained technician, refrigerant gas can be potentially a dangerous substance. it is under high pressure and can cause burns!!..if the unit is not cooling properly, you have to figure out why. is the filter and or coil dirty? is the unit t ( Full Answer )

Where do you hook up the connector to charge the freon for the AC unit on a 1996 Chevy Corsica?

Answer . 6 Cyl - Under the Air Filter Assembly. 4 Cyl - Looking at the engine, it is located on the left side behind the engine. Be aware that this location may require your hands/arms to be dangerously close to the belt pulleys when hooking up. It is a good idea to hook up connection with engin ( Full Answer )

What should the freon level be on a home AC unit?

I have a three ton unit and when the AC guy came out and did a reading on my unit with a Yellow Jacket Manifold and it said something like 65 on the blue and 305 on the red gauge. I don't know what it means, but you probably can talk to a pro at home depot to find out more. Btw, I am by no means a p ( Full Answer )

Is there a procedure to convert a central AC unit from R22 freon to the new 410?

Answer If the system is over 5 years old and especially if its using a fixed orifice on the cooling coil designed for R-22 refrigerant,, Then within 95% probability,,, ( NOPE ) If the system was bought in past couple of years, ( and this means INSIDE & OUTSIDE components ) it will specifically tell ( Full Answer )

What could a noxious chemical odor coming from a turned-off convector AC heat unit be if it's not natural gas but smells like the self-cleaning oven smell?

Answer . \nHi:\n. \nWow,,,, this question kinda leaves me hangin on details I need , But! ( it is a bonefide good one ) and I think it\ndeserves at least an attempt on my part ( even though ) \nI am bit uneasy because of the lack of details I have been presented.\n. \nAnswer simplified,,,, it' ( Full Answer )

What does freon smell like?

Odorless. What you are smelling is antifreeze, leaking from the heater core in your car. I DISAGREE: Freon smells a bit like ether and should not be inhaled. Freon is a gas that does not have a color or smell, however, you should NOT breathe it. More Information on Freon Below: (It CAN hav ( Full Answer )

How often to add freon to ac unit?

Answer by feather . your freon is measured with gauges hooked up to low side of air condition unit the low side is the cold side high side is the condenser side WATCHOUT high pressure every unit has atag on it and let you know how many ounces to be put in low charge is bad but over charge is also ( Full Answer )

How much freon should be installed into the ac unit of a 2002 Ford Focus?

Answer I f u know where to hook it up to which is my problem with the 2001 I can't find the ports to charge mine BUT I believe like other cars I have done IT shold be that u first turn your car on, put the ac on high and the ref. to the port which 9 out of 10 times is blue in coler and check the ma ( Full Answer )

How do you add freon to your home ac unit?

It requires special equipment, and legally, a license to handle refrigerants. I'm not being mean. If you are talking about a window AC, you simply can't without having brazing equipment and the skill to use it, plus about $3000 of other equipment to recycle the refrigerant. For a central unit, ( Full Answer )

Why does your ac smell like antifreeze?

Your heater core has a leak, have the station pressure test your cooling system if it does not hold pressure you a leak in system

Does freon have a smell?

Freon, DuPont R22 (Dichlorodifluoromethane) is described in the MSDS as having a "slight ethereal" odor. I cannot say that I have noticed any odor from any systems that I have accidentally dumped. Then, again, I don't stick around to sniff it and I have never dumped a system in an enclosed space. ( Full Answer )

How do you add freon to a window unit ac and how often?

Answer . unless you are quialfied to do this, call a repair man, the GAS in a/c units are under HIGH pressure, 350 lbs or more. and you have to have a set of gauges to set it right, theres a high side and a low side,

How do you know when to add freon to an AC unit?

To know when an air conditioning unit (non-window unit) needs to be charged (needs freon), it will not cool properly or you can test it with the appropriate gauges (see related link below).

What does ac freon smell like in homes?

Freon is odorless because it is a combination of gas and oil.However, many believe it can be detected by a sweet smellingfragrant in the air.

How much freon does it take in 1987 accord ac unit?

If it has been retro fitted for R-134a with a high effcondenser and a new receiver drier it will take 25 1/2 oz of R-134a, like I said if it has had the retrofit done! If not go some where that can still put in R-12 and avoid black death to your system. Do not even try putting R-134a into a system t ( Full Answer )

When replacing a compressor in a home AC unit is it standard to replace the freon or is it possible to reuse the existing freon in the new compressor?

When you are replacing a compressor. Chances are that the compressor's internal motor had a burnout when this happens the there is a chemical reaction that makes everything very acidic this in-turn contaminates the refrigerant as well. The old refrigerant would be reclaimed and sent to a a reclamati ( Full Answer )

What are the symptoms of freon inhalation from a leak in ac unit in a car?

All HVAC service techs have at one time or another incidentally inhaled refrigerant in the performance of their duties and there are no physical symptoms other than a temporary drying feeling of the eyes that I can recall. If the car you are speaking of is newer than 1993 or so it does not use a CFC ( Full Answer )

Can adding too much freon to ac unit cause harm?

First of all if you are asking this you should not be playing with your ac. To answer the question yes you will significantly reduce the life of your ac... as well as cause numerous other problems.

Does an ac unite run without freon?

Yes, some of the low end brands are made without a low pressure safety switch and will allow the unit to run until the compressor dies, should the charge leak out.

How do you find freon leak in home ac unit?

You can find a Freon leak in a home Ac unit by using a leakdetector. These instruments are capable of detecting trace amountsof Freon and pinpoint leaks.

Add 134a freon to a Kia Sorento ac unit?

Using a set of a/c gauges put the blue hose on the low side (suction side) and the red hose on the high side (discharge side) to first check the pressures..... Add freon if needed and keep the pressures as follows.. low side readings between 30 to 40psi and the high side between 200 to 250psi d ( Full Answer )

Why does my car smell like freon?

Since you are aware of what freon smells like , and you must know what it is used for , there is only one system in an auto that uses it.

How to Top off ac unit with freon?

If it's an auto, there are 2 ports on the lines. One high, one low. Just get a can of r12 & plug into the little valves. Some come with a guage.

My air conditioner sometimes smells like antifreeze and my mechanic did a pressure test to confirm that it wasn't a coolant leak The AC works okay could it be freon?

Try turning the switch to recirculated air or max cool. When you put the switch on just A/C and not max the blower pulls in some fresh air which may be coming from under the hood. The smell could be coming from a heater coil if the heat valve is not shutting off all the way. Or the car could be runn ( Full Answer )

Should you turn off an AC unit that has no freon?

Any AC, house or car has a pressure switch in the system so that if there is not enough freon in it, the compressor will not come on. The fan will run, but that is all. It is just circulating the air. Nothing will be damaged in the system running it without freon.

What does R134a Freon smell like?

Freon R134 is a gas used to charge A/C units. It does not have asmell or color. ...Actually the proper name is not FREON® which is a DuPonttrademark brand of HCFC based refrigerants, like FREON® 22. Theactual R-134a DuPont Brand name is Suva® 134a... and R-134a DOEShave an odour, it is a di ( Full Answer )

Does an outside ac unit have freon?

The proper term is actually refrigerant - Freon is a specific brand name trademarked by DuPont for a series of CFC and HFC refrigerants - thus, an AC system only has Freon if it has the product manufactured by DuPont. Answering your question, yes, an outside AC unit uses refrigerant, although it's ( Full Answer )

What type freon for 92 ford aerostar ac unit?

It came with an R-12 system. To determine if it has been converted to an R-134a system look at the ports. If the threads are male then its an R-12 system and if the thread are female then its been converted to an R-134a system

What are the dangers of breathing freon fumes inside leaking from your ac unit?

Freon is a nerve gas and will cause you to twitch over time. More immediate effects would be death by asphyxiation. Freon is heavier than air and if breathed it will settle in the bottom of your lungs and not come out. Have your Technician check your system and if he adds freon but does not fix the ( Full Answer )

What does car freon smell like?

Freon is odorless. The oil in the refrigerant system does have a distinct aroma. Freon is odorless. The oil in the refrigerant system does have a distinct aroma.

Is there a procedure to convert a ac unit from r22 freon to 410?

It can be done. You probably don't have the qualifications to do it on your own, however. You'll need the services of an HVAC technician, for ease of the conversion, getting it done right, and also for your own safety, as handling refrigerants can be a bit on the risky side.

Was you robbed you paid 80 a lb for freon in your home AC unit?

That's actually lower than most markups. I'm guessing you haveR410a refrigerant, rather than R22 - you'd almost certainly paymore for R22. You can look online and see the cylinders cost considerably lessper pound, but you need to be EPA certified to buy them. With thatprice you pay per pound, you pa ( Full Answer )