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Geh schnell = go quickly

Quai = quay

Guisan is not German

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Q: What does geh Schnell Guisan Quai mean?
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How do you say go fast in german?

Geh schnell ~ 'go' as in 'walk' Mach schnell ~ 'go' as in 'do it'

What does Geh nicht in die stadt mean in english?

Don't go in the city.

What does geh weg mean?

If someone says Geh weg! (GAY weck) to you he's telling you to go away.The noun Gehweg (GAY wayg) means pavement/sidewalkor footpath.

When was Geh' Mit Gott created?

Geh' Mit Gott was created in 1969.

When was Fuchs geh' voran created?

Fuchs geh' voran was created in 1975.

What has the author Geh Saito written?

Geh Saito is a fictional character from the book "House of Earth and Blood" by Sarah J. Maas. The book is a fantasy novel featuring Geh as a character within the story.

How do you pronounce geh' hinein?

Geh' hinein is pronounced gay hin'ine (hinas in shin and ine as in nine

What actors and actresses appeared in Geh Kinde Geh - 1989?

The cast of Geh Kinde Geh - 1989 includes: Peter Birrel as Bernard Maria Charles as Stella Elizabeth Counsell as Lillian Mary Henny as Great Aunt Anna Melanie Jessop as Helen Shirley King as Mary Bernard Spear as Lionel

When was Geh nicht wenn du kommst created?

Geh nicht wenn du kommst was created on 2003-08-11.

How do you pronounce zeitgeber?

zahyt- geh-bars

How do you pronounce history in German?

Geschichte = "Geh-shick-tuh" if you have trouble saying "ich" correctly. If you can say "ich" correctly, then "Geh-sh-ich-tuh"

What do charities think of Taylor Swift?

She's geh.