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One time george made Lennie jumo into a lake (to make fun of him) eventhough Lennie couldn't swim. Lennie started to drown and so George jumped in and got him out. After that Lennie was so thankful to george for getting him out that he forgot George was the one who told him to get into the lake in the first place - this made george appreciate Lennie

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George says that he stopped being mean to Lennie because he realized the impact of his words and actions on Lennie's feelings. He saw that Lennie was genuinely trying to be a good friend and companion, so George decided to be more understanding and supportive towards him.

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Lennie fell into a river and almost drowned and that's why he stopped being mean and started taking care of him

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Q: What does george say made him stop being mean to Lennie?
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What was Georges reaction and reply when Lennie says he thought george was mad at him?

George reassures Lennie that he is not mad and explains that he gets frustrated at times but it doesn't mean he is mad at Lennie. George emphasizes their friendship and looks out for Lennie, wanting the best for him.

Why is George mean 'Of Mice and Men'?

George is portrayed as mean in "Of Mice and Men" because he is often exasperated by Lennie's actions and feels burdened by the responsibility of taking care of him. His frustration and short-temper stem from the challenges of looking after someone who is mentally challenged, while also trying to achieve their shared dream of owning their own land. Additionally, George's tough exterior can be seen as a defense mechanism to hide his vulnerability and fear of being alone.

'Of Mice and Men' why does george tell Lennie he could get allong so well without him?

George tells Lennie that he could get along so well without him because he is frustrated with the mistakes and trouble that Lennie often causes. However, deep down, George cares for Lennie and doesn't truly mean what he says. George knows that Lennie depends on him for guidance and protection.

What did George do when he found out Lennie killed his dog?

George was upset when he found out that Lennie killed his dog, but he understood that Lennie didn't mean to harm the animal. However, George was concerned about Lennie's lack of control and the potential danger he posed, leading him to make a difficult decision regarding Lennie's future.

Why does george get angry at Lennie for?

George gets angry at Lennie mainly out of frustration and a sense of responsibility for having to constantly watch over him. Lennie's actions often unintentionally cause problems or put them in difficult situations, leading George to feel overwhelmed and upset. However, George's anger is also motivated by his love for Lennie and a desire to protect him from harm.

What things does George do out of loyalty to Lennie?

True, George is definitely the caretaker of the child like Lennie. George does more than enough back for George, otherwise they wouldn't still travel together. Lennie is a friend for george so he doesn't ever get lonely. Another thing Lennie does for George is providing a job. Many people would be willing to hire George and Lennie because Lennie is HUGE and is very hard working. They both give one another what they need to have a great friendship and a way of surving through the rough times.

How does Lennie contribute to george?

Lennie contributes to George by providing companionship and emotional support. Despite his limitations, Lennie's loyalty and innocence bring out the nurturing side of George, giving him a sense of purpose and responsibility in caring for someone who depends on him. Additionally, Lennie's simple-mindedness allows George to feel needed and in control, reinforcing their relationship dynamic.

How does George know that Lennie has brought it into the bunkhouse?

George notices that Lennie has the dead puppy in the bunkhouse because he sees Lennie trying to hide it under some straw. George is able to connect the dots and realize that Lennie was responsible for the puppy's death.

What does george's conversation with slim reveal about his past treatment of and present feelings toward Lennie?

George's conversation with Slim reveals that George feels guilty about taking advantage of Lennie's strength in the past and is protective of him in the present. He admits to Slim that he used to play mean tricks on Lennie but now feels responsible for looking out for him. This indicates that George has evolved from exploiting Lennie's disability to taking on the role of his caretaker and protector.

Why does george say Lennie will want to sleep in the barn that friday night?

George knows that Lennie will want to sleep in the barn on Friday night because Lennie always wants to tend the rabbits there, and it brings him comfort and joy. Additionally, George wants to keep Lennie away from the other ranch workers because he knows they can be mean and may potentially harm Lennie due to his disabilities.

What is georges reaction when slim calls Lennie a cuckoo?

George becomes defensive and protective of Lennie when Slim calls him a cuckoo. He explains to Slim that Lennie is not crazy, but rather has a mental disability that makes him act differently than others. George is sensitive to any derogatory remarks about Lennie and does his best to defend and care for him.

What does George and Lennie confide to Slim concerning Lennie and Weed?

George tells Slim that Lennie inadvertently scared a girl in Weed by grabbing her dress, leading to a misunderstanding that got them in trouble. He explains that Lennie didn't mean any harm but often doesn't realize his own strength, causing unintentional trouble. Slim listens sympathetically and understands their situation.