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They can all be "pets".

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Why is DNA of cats and dogs more similar than DNA of cats and hamsters?

Cats and dogs have a common ancestor that is more recent than the common ancestor of cats and hamsters.

What are common house pets?

Usually cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, or fish.

What are all of the common animals?

dogs,cats,fish,gunea pigs,hamsters,birds

What are the most common pets in Spain?

Dogs, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, and maybe Cats.

What are the most popular pets in Brazil?

Birds are quite common, but they also have hamsters, dogs, and cats. :)

What are the most common pets in Brazil?

Dogs, cats, hamsters, parakeets and some other birds.

Why is the DNA of cats and dogs much more similar than the DNA of cats and hamsters?

Cats and dogs share a more recent common ancestor than cats and hamsters, and therefore their DNA is more similar.

Do beagles eat hamsters?

Beagles are dogs, hamsters are rodents, dogs eat rodents ergo:

What are common types of pets?

Some common types of pets are dogs, kittens, fish, cats, puppies, birds, hamsters, and rabbits.

What do hamsters smell like?

Hamsters smell similar to wet dogs.

What is the most common pet in the US?

The top three would be dogs, cats, and fish. But my personal favorite are dogs.

What do hamsters fear?

Mainly dogs

Do dogs eat hamsters and fish?


How many students have dogs?

most students have at least 3 dogs

What scares hamsters?


Do dwarf hamsters get along with dogs?

no way!

Can hamsters become afraid from dogs?

yes they can

Are hamsters diurnal?

Just like with dogs, usually teddybear hamsters and long haired hamsters. They do gain lots of pollen as well.

What is your dogs favorite treat?

My dogs favorite treat is goldfish.

What is Mexico favorite animal?

Dogs are usually the most common pets and animal companions in Mexico.

What are the top 10 favorite pets?

1. Dogs 2. Cats 3. Hamsters 4. Fish 5. Guinea pigs 6. Rabbits 7. Budgie

Do hamster have to be the same to mate?

No, much like dogs and cats, hamsters can mate with different types of hamsters.

What pets did the Incan have?

they had bald dogs and large hamsters

Do dogs like hamsters?

Yes, they like to eat it

What are easy pets?

fish, hamsters and dogs and cats