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Having a child "out of wedlock" means that the parents are not married, and therefore the child is illegitimate. The phrase is not limited to the 14th Century, but is still used.

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Q: What does having a baby out of wedlock in the fourteenth century mean?
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What is having a baby out of a wedlock?

Having a baby out of wedlock means having a baby without being married.

What is wedlock to a muslim?

Having a baby with marriage.

What does having a baby out of whitlock mean?

It is actually having a baby out of wedlock which basically means that you are having a baby without being married.

Do the Amish disown their children?

Sometimes - especially if their children commit a mortal sin, like having an out-of-wedlock baby.

What does it mean to have a child in wet lock?

The term "wedlock" means being married. If you have a baby in wedlock, it means you had a baby while married.

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What would you do if you got pregnant out of wedlock?

you'd probs have a baby ;)

Can a legally married man lose all rights to his children in his marriage if he has a baby in wedlock?

If a legally married man has a baby in wedlock he will have rights to the baby. Fathers do not lose rights to their children based on marital status.

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Michael's mum wasn't happy that they were having a baby out of wedlock, so he married Debbie to keep Katherine happy.

What is breeding out of wedlock?

From my understanding, and point of view, breeding out of wedlock is an old saying and it means that they reproduced or had intercourse after the wedding or wedlock and then the intercourse resulted in a child's birth. In a more lumen's term, the mom and the dad went too fast and had a baby after being married in holy matrimony

What happens if you make your girlfriend Pregnant out of wedlock on The Sims 3 Will i be the Father?

yea you will be the father and the baby will live with mother

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