What does hold short of runway on take off mean?

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You might get receive an order to "Hold short of runway" before takeoff, but not during takeoff. That just means that the tower wants you to remain on the taxiway because another aircraft is taking off or landing and hasn't yet cleared the runway. Once you're "cleared for takeoff" you can taxi onto the runway and takeoff
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Why does an an aircraft require less runway length for take off during winter?

Answer . Airplanes fly by virtue of two basic ideas: kite effect and Bernoulli's principle. With the thrust of the engine pushing the craft forward, air moving over the upper curved surface of the wing has less pressure than the air moving along under the wing. Higher air pressure on the bottom o ( Full Answer )

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What do the numbers and letters mean for runways?

The LARGE numbers at the end of the runway is the Heading of the runway but divided by 10.. So a Runway 36 means you would fly a heading of 360 degrees based on the compass directions. If you flew past the runway and turned around to land, the marking would read 18 for 180 degree heading. T ( Full Answer )

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What do the numbers mean at end of a airport runway?

They indicate the approximate compass alignment of the runway. The number should be multiplied by ten to get a rough idea of howit is aligned. For example, a runway with 09 on it is at close to 90 degrees - soit runs almost exactly East/West. A runway with 36 on it isnorth/south aligned for a headin ( Full Answer )

How much runway length does a Cessna 172 aircraft need to take off?

This varies depending on many factors. The aircraft's weight being foremost, a heavily loaded 172 can require as much as 3 times the runway as a nearly empty one. Additionally outside air temperature makes a big difference. On a hot day, you may need 200 to 500 feet more runway, and may not be able ( Full Answer )

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An airplane must reach a speed of 195 miles hour to take off if the the runway is 456 meter long what is the minimum value of the acceleration that will allow the airplane to take off successfully?

The change in velocity is the integral of acceleration with respect to time. Assuming a constant acceleration, then v = integral [a dt] = a t + v0 The change in distance is the integral of velocity with respect to time: s = integral (v dt) = integral [(at + v0) dt] = 1 /2 a t^2 + v0 t + s0 Since ( Full Answer )

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Why do planes take off with a runway?

Nit all need a runway as we know it. Some can take off on grass ofcompacted earth. when referring to hard runways its because of theweight of the aircraft using it, the requirement to have a flat,tripping surface to get to speed in a short time

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What does v2 mean during take off?

It's the takeoff safety speed. The speed at which the aircraft may safely become airborne with one engine inoperative.

What would be the length of an airport runway needed for an airplane that needs 30 meters per second to take off and will accellerate at 1.8 meters per second squared.?

Gaah! The doofus who posed this question to you is not a pilot. He has confused ground speed with air speed . A plane can achieve sufficient air speed to take off in 0 distance. Consider that you could be taking off into a 70 mph wind (usually not advisable--but possible) with this plane that n ( Full Answer )

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Do the F-35 JSF jet need runways to take off?

No but the F-35 JSF jet can use runways as it want it for taking off. Same thing with the landing, the F-35 does not need runways to land but F-35 can also use runways to land. The F-35 also uses better aiming with machine guns than any other aircraft but for each one of the F-35 cost 382 billion do ( Full Answer )

What parts of an aeroplane help to control take off from a runway?

Any part of the aeroplane that is used to speed it up, slow it down, or manipulate it's shape in order to change it's velocity, altitude or direction is utilized in some fashion to allow the craft to leave the runway safely. So all the flaps and motors and shiny knobs and buttons and switches and le ( Full Answer )

Why must the aeroplane run on the runway before taking off?

Take a 75-300 ton plane, planes need to take off by running on a runway because to take off the plane needs preasure under it's wing so that the preasure can lift the plane up in the sky. The runway has to be atleast 2KM long so that the plane has time to reach it's appropriate speed to take off. pe ( Full Answer )

What happens if you cross a runway hold line without approval?

You are committing an offence under the Air Navigation Act - Ifyou're in control of an aircraft - you can have your licencesuspended until an (often lengthy) investigation is completed. Ifyou're driving a vehicle on the tarmac, you can be arrested by theairport police and questioned on your behaviou ( Full Answer )

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What does kts mean on take off of an airplane?

It's a measure of speed. (Like miles per hour (mph), or kilometers per hour (kph)). The Cessna 172 has a takeoff speed of about 55 knots (kts). A Boeing 737 has a takeoff speed of about 135-140 knots. On takeoff, aircraft need to reach a certain speed to get into the air.

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