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What does horror mean?


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horror mean's somebody who is scared
Horror means scary.


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it means that it is a mix of romance and horror

the same means of the awful horror in human history.

what an horror, what an abomination.

Assuming you mean The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Eddie was played by Meat Loaf.

'Horrible' means provoking horror

If you mean old school horror then that would probably be Edgar Allen Poe. If you mean modern writers then that would more likely be Stephen King. I would also consider Clive Barker to be one of the modern masters of horror, and H.P. Lovecraft to be one of the masters of old school horror.

I think you mean hardcore haha

Scary movies. Horror movies.

Slasher horror Found footage horror Stalker horror (often overlaps with Slasher horror) Thriller/Action-Adventure horror Psychological horror/Suspense Paranormal horror Torture horror Exploitation horror Splatter horror Science Fiction Aliens (part of the larger Sci-Fi category) Monster movies (Cryptid/Creature horror) Vampire horror

'Peliculas de terror' is Spanish for 'movies of horror' which in modern translation is horror movies. Peliculas means movies, de means of, and terror means horror.

In French - quelle horreur! is an expression of disgust and revulsion.

In 11 years, my friend, this name will symbolize HORROR

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By 'it' do you mean the book "It" by Stephen King? And in that case it is a horror book.

like 'Fantasy' or 'horror' or 'action'.

portraits in common mean a picture or some kind of frame work that you would prefer doing so horror portrait means a horror picture.. and words like that... u can google it in images.. it would help you better

u mean like twilight? Gothic horror, Vampire Literature

Horror is a genre onto itself. Thus a Horror film would be part of the Horror genre.

horror, horror, horror and a bit of terror


There are no listings for a movie called "Dreaded". If you mean a 2009 horror flick called "Dread", it stars Jackson Rathbone. If you mean the 1990 horror flick, "The Dreaded", it stars Tim Cobb. If you mean the 2012 action flick "Dredd", it stars Karl Urban.

That 'negative symbol' is actually a dash. It's used to indicate that the monster is not sufficiently horrifying to warrant sanity damage. Combat it without making a horror check.

Rocky horror is based on multiple 'B-rated horror movies' Basically, cheesy horror movies and musicals.

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