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it means "I am a Berliner" -> Berlin is the capital city of Germany and "Berliner" is a person who is from Berlin

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Q: What does ich bin Berliner mean?
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What does ich bin ein Berliner mean?

ich bin (ein) Berliner = I am a Berliner (a person from Berlin).

What are the ratings and certificates for Ich bin ein Berliner - 2005 TV?

Ich bin ein Berliner - 2005 TV is rated/received certificates of: Germany:o.Al.

What year did the Ich bin ein Berliner speech occur?

JFK uttered the famous words Ich bin ein Berlinerduring a speech in Berlin, Germany, on June 26, 1963.

What message was Kennedy trying to convey when he said ich bin ein berliner?

He was trying to say "I am a Berliner."

What does ich bin 'ich bin ich mean?

ich bin ich bin ich makes little sense but translates as I am I am me.

What did the president Kennedy says in German when he was in Berlin?

"ich bin ein berliner"

What are the ratings and certificates for Pan Am - 2011 Ich Bin Ein Berliner 1-3?

Pan Am - 2011 Ich Bin Ein Berliner 1-3 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

What does the German words ich bin ich mean?

Ich bin ich = I am me

What does ich bin wer ich ben mean?


Who famously said Ich bin ein Berliner on this day in 1963?

President Kennedy.

Ich bin Berliner?

The phrase Ich bin Berliner translates as I am a Berliner. N.b. it is not necessary in German to include the indefinite article (Ich bin ein Berliner) in such a sentence. It was famously made by JF Kennedy during his famous Berlin speech on June 26, 1963. The indefinite article is only required in sentences with non-human subjects.As a result of this "inadvertent" inclusion, Kennedy's famous claim is often affectionately translated by Germans as I am a jam doughnut (Berliner is a German word for jam doughnut)

Which American president said''ich bin ein berliner''?

John F. Kennedy.

How do you say I am a Berliner in German?

Ich bin ein Mensch von Berlin (I am a person of Berlin).

Who said Ich bin ein Berliner?

President John F Kennedy said it in Berlin on June 26th, 1963.It means "I am a Berliner", which President Kennedy said in solidarity to the citizens of Berlin.==============================================================This famous quote has since become a bit of an affectionate joke in Germany. Berliner is also what the Germans call a donut. So the sentence was immediately open to misinterpretation. This is further compounded by the inadvertent grammatical error in the sentence. In German, when referring to a person's nationality, home town, or profession it is grammatically incorrect to add the indefinte article (Ich bin Deutscher, Ich bin Fußballer, Ich bin Berliner). The indefinite article, is however required for non-human objects, therefore JFK's famous Ich bin ein Berliner speech is often deliberately, but affectionately mis-translated as I am a donut

What was JFK's greatest quote?

Either of .... Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. or Ich bin ein Berliner

Example of declamation piece about freedom ang nation?

Look for the Ich bin ein Berliner declamation.

What is the famous statement from President John F. Kennedy with German in it?

Ich bin ein Berliner

What does k onda pescado si se ase para pasar?

Ich bin ein Berliner

Ich bin was ich bin?

Ich bin was ich bin = I am what I am.

What does ich bin suchtig mean?

Ich bin süchtig translates as I am addicted.

What does Ich bin verliebt mean?

Ich bin verliebt translates as I am in love.

What does Ich bin verrรผckt mean in english?

Ich bin verrückt = I am mad

What does Ich Bin Schuldig mean?

Ich bin schuldig translates as I am guilty.

What does Ich bin traurig mean?

Ich bin traurig translates as I am sad.

What does ich bin amerikanerin mean?

Ich bin Amerikanerin = I am American (female)