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The sentence is grammatically too poor to make a full translation

Ich lieb' = I love

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Q: What does ich lieb ich mien mean in English?
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When was Ich hab' Dich lieb created?

Ich hab' Dich lieb was created on 2008-05-09.

What does Ich liebe dich mean in English?

Ich liebe dich means I love you in German.Ich liebe dich auch. - I love you, too.Ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen. - I love you with all my heart.

What does Wo ist mein Lieb dass ich will mean in English?

"Wo ist mein Lieb dass ich" doesn't make sense, as it translates roughly into "Where is my love that I." mein Lieb is not a valid expression: meine Liebe (my dear, female) mein Lieber (my dear, male) meine Liebste (my love, female) mein Liebster (my love, male) mein Liebling (my darling)

What does 'ich hob dich ayer lieb' mean in Hebrew?

That is not Hebrew. It is Yiddish, and it means I love you too.

Whats does the deutsch hab dich lieb in English?

It means "I love you". You can say also "Ich liebe dich"

Love you both in German?

"Ich liebe euch beide" or "Ich habe euch beide lieb" is the translation.

What does 'ich bin' mean in English?

"Ich bin" translates from German into English as "I am."

What does nich ich mean in English?

Nich' ich translates as not me.

How do you say i love my sister in German?

Ich liebe dich, große Schwester

What does schlaf gut und ich hab dich lieb?

Sleep well and I love you

What does ich habe dich mean in English?

The "am" can mean several different things depending on what follows (it can mean at, on, in, by, most, etc.). "Ich habe" means "I have."

What does Ich bin verrückt mean in english?

Ich bin verrückt = I am mad