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What does in sorte diaboli mean?

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It's Latin for, "In direct contact with Satan."

2007-12-04 00:08:30
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What does Sigillum Diaboli mean?

is latin for devil's seal

Who has the fastest double bass kicks?

HellHammer from Dimmu Borgir during their albums In Sorte Diaboli and Stormblast MMV, Particularly in the song The Chosen Legacy. Full name: Jan Axel Blomberg

What does tengo ganas de be sorte mean?

It has too many errors for an accurate translation, but it means: "I have desires to ....?...." (Be sorte is not Spanish)

What does sorte ecole mean in french?

school crossing

What is 'sorte' when translated from French to English?

Sorte in French means "sort" in English.

How do you say devil's daughter in latin?

Filia diaboli.

What is the Latin word for devils diary?

diaboli commentarius

Is the french word sorte masculine or feminine?

"Sorte" is a feminine word.

What is the Latin word for Satan?

Satan: Diaboli Lucifer: Luciferi

What does surement a une recherche de sorte mean?

"surely a search for kind has" Is the direct translation of that.

What does Piangero la sorte mia mean in English?

It's Italian, and means: I shall bewail my fate

How do you say speak of the devil and he will appear in Latin?

Diaboli dicere et apperebit.

What doesQuelle sorte de personne es-tu mean in french?

What sort of person are you? Wasn't it obvious????

How say lots of good luck in portuguese?

muita boa sorte. muita= lots boa= good and sorte= luck

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How do you say good luck on your test in Portuguese?

Boa sorte no seu teste. Good= Boa. Luck= Sorte. On= No. Your= Seu. Test= Teste. -Cami-senpai.

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