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Interpret means to translate, explain, or illuminate.

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Q: What does interpret mean in science?
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What does inferring mean in science?

When you explain or interpret the things you observe, you are inferring, or making an inference.

What does inferring mean in science terms?

When you explain or interpret the things you observe, you are inferring, or making an inference.

What does interpretation mean in science terms?

If you interpret something you are finding what it really means, or translating it into something more understandable.

Does a graph help us interpret scientific data?

well it depends on what specific type of science and if you mean in general how in the heck am i supposed to know

What does interpret the remainder mean?

dont no

What does decifered mean?


What does interpret mean in maths terms?

Interpret means to explain something like to explain remainders

What does interpret mean in math?

Explain what meaning of ...

What does take that as you will mean?

it means interpret is at you wish

What science skill you are using when you explain or interpret an observation?

You are inferring or using analysing data

What is decoding science nullifying fiction amplifying action?

This is the current theme for our Science Month. In my opinion, the theme simply states that we should interpret Science not in a fictional way, which of course possesses falsehood, but instead, we should interpret Science through actions - experiments, research, tests to prove what is indeed realistic and which is a work of fiction.

What is hermeneutics?

The art and science of Biblical interpretation. It is a science in that certain rules apply. It is an art in that the more you apply these rules, the better you get at it. In Greek mythology, the task of the god Hermes was to interpret the will of the gods. In Biblical hermeneutics, the task is to interpret the Word of God.

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