What does interrogative means in the military?

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in·ter·rog·a·tive (ĭn'tə-rŏg'ə-tĭv)
Asking a question or being of the nature of a question: an interrogative raising of the eyebrows.
Of, relating to, or being an element or construction used to ask a question: an interrogative adverb; an interrogative particle.
A word or form used to ask a question.
A sentence or an expression that asks a question.
interrogatively in'ter·rog'a·tive·ly adv.

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What is an interrogative?

An interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks a question; for example: 'What is an interrogative?' An interrogative pronoun is a word that introduces an interrogative sentence. The interrogative pronouns are: who, whom, what, which, whose. Interrogative is an adjective that means to ask a que ( Full Answer )

What does 'military brat' mean?

A child raised in a military family, usually someone who moves very frequently and attends many different schools.

What does military alliance mean?

It means that if you are alined with a country and they are attacked by another country the alined country will help and support your military.

What does Military specialty mean?

Within the armed services, individuals have specific types of jobs. These are designated through a numbering system and indicate the special training or qualifications an individual has. This allows the military to transfer skilled personel from unit to unit with as little time lost for learning as ( Full Answer )

What does military press mean?

the Military press is an exercise that consists of standing straigh up, arms stretched straight out, then bend at the elbows so your hands point towards the sky, and there is a 90 degree angle at your elbows, then raise your arms until they are completely vertical, and repeat. many times.

What is the meaning of Military hotel?

In south India, some 50 years back there used to be only 2 kinds of restaurants run by the Hindu community namely Udupi hotels and Military hotels. Udupi hotels used to serve only Vegetarian food whereas the Military hotels used to serve Meat, Poultry and Sea food. The Udupi tag represents the cuisi ( Full Answer )

What is interrogation?

An interrogation is a round of questioning initiated byauthorities. Police officers and government representativesinterrogate people to get information.

What does 'ex' mean in military jargon?

It's hard to say without context, however, 'ex' or 'x' most likelyrefers to an initial position error. Other possibilities include: . To serve ex = to serve or perform EXtra duties . Executive (as in XO = Executive Officer) . As a place, ex = Exclusion Zone

What does RPG mean in military terms?

Unlike what most people think, rpg does not stand for rocket propelled grenade, but instead ruchnoyprotivotankovyy granatomyot which is Russian. It translatesinto hand held anti-tank grenade launcher.

Military spouse preference means what?

When you are applying for a job you can use your spouse preference. It is kind of like a Veteran's preference. It is just giving you a preference over someone who is non-military affiliated.

What is the meaning of military draft?

To require someone to join the military.. Military concription, the proper term for the draft, has been used worldwide since the Ottoman Empire in the 9th century. In the U.S., it has been activated during the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, and the Veitnam War.

What does GI means in the military uniform?

GI is an abbreviation commonly thought to mean "Government Issue" or "General Issue," but in fact the etymology of the term goes back to "Galvanized Iron". World War I soldiers sarcastically termed German artillery shells as "GI Cans" and later the term was applied in popular usage first to all mili ( Full Answer )

What does military mean?

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary: . 1 a : of or relating to soldiers, arms, or war b : of or relating to armed forces ; especially : of or relating to ground or sometimes ground and air forces as opposed to naval forces 2 a : performed or made by armed forces b : supported by armed force ( Full Answer )

What is military abbreviation and meaning of ocie?

OCIE stands for Organizational Clothing & Individual Equipment. It is the new term for what we used to call TA-50. OCIE is typically used when speaking about a record of clothing and equipment issued to soldiers or to correct any deficiencies in the OCIE.

What does the military command 'about turn' mean?

Sometimes called "about face", it is an order to the unit to perform a 180 o turn, always to the right and done in a uniform way, to face the exact opposite direction they were originally looking.

What does mobilize mean in military terms?

It means that a unit, either active or inactive, becomes mobile and ready for action, adopting wartime procedure instead of peacetime. A military unit may mobilize for a reason other than war, such as a training exercise, or to send a message to a potential enemy, but it will still mobilize in the s ( Full Answer )

What does the military code re3 mean?

Military code RE-3 is a re-enlistment code. It refers to members ofthe Army who are not qualified for continued service.

What does declarative interrogative imperative and exclamatory mean?

Delarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory are types ofsentences. A declarative sentence states something and endswith a period. "I went to the park today." An interrogative sentence asks a question and endswith a question mark. "Is it going to rain today?" An imperative sentence ( Full Answer )

What does roicc mean in military?

Here is what I found from google: The Resident Officer In Charge of Construction (ROICC) is the government's first line of contact with the contractors awarded construction work under the contracting system of the U.S. Navy.

What is a interrogative prounoun mean?

A interrogative pronoun is a pronoun that asks "who," "what," or "which one." qui - who, what que - who, what lequel - laquelle (fem) - which one

What military pension mean?

A military pension is a monetary benefit/entitlement that is earned after a minimum of 20 years of military service. It is based on final paygrade, length of service and retirement plan elected.

What does military term sandi mean?

Sandi? You might be referring to "Sandy", which was a term for search and rescue escort missions in Vietnam, which were usually flown by an A-1 Skyraider.

What does carry on mean in military terms?

Carry on is said after a senior officer enters an area, and it means to continue on with what ever you were working on prior to his/her entering a room or area.

What does rotation mean in military terms?

Rotation refers to change in assignment and or location. It is usually used when people have to be sent to less then nice places, like the front lines, or to countries where they can't have their family with them. People are sent to these locations for certain periods of time, such as 18 months rath ( Full Answer )

What does rta mean in military terms?

The only term I can think of which would be relevant is "Real Time Assessment", which isn't really that common a term. Are you sure you're not thinking of RTO - Radiotelephone Operator?

What is the Military meaning of guard your 6?

The civilian equivalent would be "watch your back". Basically, it's telling you to ensure that there is security to your rear, the rear of the vehicle, rear of the formation... whichever one is applicable to your current situation.

What is the military meaning for SSgt?

SSGT is a military rank in the US Air Force that means Staff Sergeant. In the US Air Force, it is used to signify an individual in the pay grade of E-5. In the Army and Marine Corp, the same name and abbreviation are used, but in this case, they signify someone in the pay grade of E-6.

What does military affiliation mean?

Military affiliation means that you or a family member is associated or has a close connection with the United Sates military in some way or the other.

What do the words declarative and interrogative mean?

Short version: interrogative means question, declarative means statement. In the context of learning Latin you might see these words in relation to sentences (an interrogative sentence is one that asks a question "Is that a pig?", a declarative sentence is one that asserts something, "John is a pig. ( Full Answer )

What does ffd mean in the military?

"Fit for Duty" - In the Navy it could mean "Forward Front Deck" but the acronym FFD is rarely used in that application.

What does it mean are you affiliated with the military?

Military affiliation: Active, NG /AG, Reserve, Inactive Reserve, Retired Military, Disabled Veteran, or Veteran. Are you currently using the GI bill for schooling? Are you taking advantage of a VA loan? Are you using any service (to include veterans preference) that was provided by your service in t ( Full Answer )

What does the term 'as you were' mean in military terms?

'As you were' is said by a superior officer to let the men know they can return to whatever they were doing before he interrupted them. Or it may mean that whatever command the officer gave was wrong, so they want you to ignore it and continue doing what you were doing before they said it.

What does situationcritical mean in the military?

situation.critical is a term that is used in the military. it is used when troops are put on high alert status and is meant as a cue for soldiers to be ready for action during a situation.

What does indef mean on a military id?

It means that the soldier is in their third and final zone of reenlistment (there are 3 zones: A-within the first 5 years of enlisted service B-6-10 years of service C-10+ years of service) When you reenlist in zone C, you have no choice but to become "indefinite" (Indef) meaning that there are n ( Full Answer )

What does uss enterprise mean in the military?

The USS Enterprise ("United States Ship") is the name given to six US Navy vessels - the latest is that of an aircraft carrier which has served since WW2 . ~ see related link below to additional information .

What does midshipman mean in military terms?

A Midshipman is a cadet at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The term is not exclusive to the US Navy - it is also used in the UK and Commonwealth navies, as well.

What is the meaning of interrogative pronoun?

Interrogative pronouns introduce a question. The interrogative pronoun takes the place of a noun that is the answer to the question. They are: who, whom, what, which, whose. Examples: Who is picking you up? My mother will pick me up. To whom should I give the completed application? Gi ( Full Answer )

What does the military term desertion mean?

It is a common misconception that if one is absent from military duty for more than 30 days then the charge changes from "AWOL" - absent without leave - to "desertion". In fact, the overriding factor in the placement of these definitions is the intent on the part of the would be deserter. If it can ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of interrogative pronouns?

An interrogative pronoun introduces a question. . The interrogative pronouns are: who, whom, what, which,whose. . Example: Which class do you like best?

Is why an interrogative?

The word 'why' is considered an adverb , which canintroduce a question (interrogative) or an adverbial phrase. Forexample: Why did he go? (the adverb 'why' modifies the verb 'did go') He told me why he went . (the adverb 'why' introduces theadverbial clause that modifies the verb 'told') The in ( Full Answer )