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What does introspective mean?

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Introspective is when you try to look deep into your thoughts or feelings- try to read yourself and understand who you are reflect on your actions, behavior and understanding of yourself.

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What does the word introspective mean?

Introspective means to look into oneself and self-evaluate

What is the Antonym of introspective?

The antonym of introspective is extrospective

What does introspective by nature mean?

Likely to self-examine without prompting

Introspective in a sentence?

my sis was not introspective while driving.

What is a sentence with the word introspective in it?

"That is a very introspective question." Introspect means to look into or examine one's feelings. Introspective is the adjective form of introspect.

Use introspective in a sentence?

Donnie became quite introspective after realizing the universe depended on him.

What is a word that means looking inward?

A word that means looking inward is introspective.

Is hamlet seen as introspective and unstable?

hes not really unstable but he reflects and ponders alot showing he is introspective

What is the synonyms of the introspective?

Some synonyms of introspective include: Introvert, inward-looking, contemplative, brooding, self-examining

What word from the root 'vert' means a quiet introspective shy person?

a quite, introspective, shy person

What is the synonym for introspective?

something not aproprietr

How do you use introspective in a sentence?

Teenagers are all but required to be introspective, as part of growing up is figuring out who you are.No one at the company guessed that their quiet, introspective bookkeeper was secretly embezzling a sizable chunk of their net profits, and that was part of the fun for him.He has never been an introspective person, so I don't know how he's going to write a memoir without substantial help from a ghostwriter.

A quiet introspective shy person?


A quite introspective shy person?

A quiet, introspective, shy person is referred to as an introvert. Such people are usually conservative and in most cases they tend to be loners.

One who is sometimes introspective and sometimes gregarious?


What was albert einsteins personality?

A fairly introspective recluse!

What is the synonyms of introspective and gregarious?

nothing find it in the dictionary

What are your favorite blues songs?

Anything that makes you introspective

What adjective describes Renรฉ Descartes?

introspective, curious

What is introspective listening?

This refers to thinking deeply about what has been said. When a person is introspective, they are involved in self-examination, in thinking seriously about how the topic can apply to their life, and reflecting on the meaning of the talk.

What words might describe a traditional diary?

introspective and personal.

What is the prefixes suffixes for the work octo?

introspective prefix's and suffix's?

What is an introspective person?

A person who is looking for answers within themselves

Other words to describe a diary?

introspective, secret, relied on

What is a word for the quality of being very serious and thoughtful?