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Q: What does is est a bonus puella mean?
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What does puella quam amo est pulchra mean?

The girl that I love is beautiful.

What does 'puella est filia reginae' mean in English?

The girl is the queen's daughter.

What does puella fessa est mean in latin?

puella = a girl, the girl, girlfessa = feminine form of fessus, weary, tired, feebleest = she isSo: the girl is tired

What is 'Quid est puella' when translated from Latin to English?

"What is it, girl?" is an English equivalent of the Latin phrase Quid est, puella? The question also translates less literally as "What's the matter, girl?" in English. The pronunciation will be "kweed est poo-EL-la" in Church and classical Latin.

How do you say Elizabeth in Latin?

Elizabeth. Just the same, for there is no other Latin word for Elizabeth. (i.e. Puella est Elizabeth)

What does puella vocat mean?

It means "a/the girl speaks."

What does carpe puella mean?

Probably you mean 'carpe puellam' - seize the girl.

What does te amo mi puella mean?

I love you, my girl.

How do you use est in a sentence?

'est' is a verb, in Latin and in French. It means 'he/she/it is'. So in Latin you can say 'coquus iratus est' as in 'the chef is angry', or 'puella pulcher est' as in 'the girl is pretty' or 'she is a pretty girl'. So in short, anywhere where you would usually say 'he/she/it is' in English, you can replace with the Latin word 'est'.

When was Puella Mea created?

Puella Mea was created in 1921.

When was Amerila puella created?

Amerila puella was created in 1793.

When was Bembecia puella created?

Bembecia puella was created in 1989.