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well I found an article that does obliquely answer this, (I dont know if the author has any authority on the subject) but he placed it around 450,000 for a space and that sounds about right to me. Heres tha article so you can check up on it if you wish. The exact quote is "As Erickson explained, a tenant who invests perhaps $450,000 in a food court space but then doesn't generate enough revenue is tempted to look for "creative" ways to compensate..." This is in the 11th paragraph. Hope it helped, I can't seem to find any other information to back the author up or have an opposite answer.

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How much does a footlong sub cost at a Subway franchise?

The cost of a foot long sub from a Subway franchise will vary by location. However, most consumer's find the cost of a food long to be a fairly reasonable price.

What is the worlds largest food franchise?

McDonalds is the largest food franchise

Where can one find reviews on the site Food Franchise?

Food Franchise is a website that offers information and reviews on the various restaurant and food service franchise opportunities available to investors. While there are many sites like Food Franchise that review actual food franchise opportunities, there are no review websites found that review other review websites.

How much does it cost to start a pet franchise?

It costs at least $25,000 - $50,000 minimum to start any kind of pet franchise. It usually will cost even more than that. Cost also depends on whether you're a food store, groomer or actual pet store.

How much does it cost to build a food court?

To build a food court in a school would depend on the restaurants you want to put in it. the overall cost would be around $250,000 or more. thank you for asking Sharty!

How much does it cost to ride up space needle?

I don't think any tourist have gone for a ride in space but it will cost about $240 to go to space. But there is also food, clothing, water, and other suppiles if want it but you can't live with out food.

How much to rent space for food court?

it depends on how much you want and how many restruants you want.

Why were people protesting about the Merthyr Rising?

The high cost of food, high cost of tools, the truck shops and the court of requisitions

How do you use Franchise in a sentence?

The football team had the most wins in the franchise history. Fast food chains franchise their outlets to local owners.

How much money do you need to start a fast food franchise business?

There isn't one answer to that question because each fast food franchise has a unique cost depending on which one you choose and where it is located, as in, what market, what location etc. I have spent up to 12K difference from one franchise to the next solely related to those factors. Honestly, the best thing you can do is compare costs.

How do you reduce subway franchise food cost?

by some of it from an alternative source when on sale plus try to reduce waste by keeping an eye on management and preparation

Is McDonalds the oldest fast food franchise?


What fast food franchise first opened in 1955?

McDonald's started in 1940, and in 1955 it became a franchise.

Why would you need to garden in space?

If people wanted to travel in space for long periods of time, then they would either have to take a lot of food, which would cost loads of money to launch into space, or they would have to grow food.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of food courts?

There can only be two types of food courts: one which is spacious and has a lot of space for the customers to sit but does not have various choices of food to order and another which is very small and does not have space for customers to sit but has various varieties of food to eat.Advantages and Disadvantages of small food courts:- Small food courts does not have space for the customers to sit but has various different choices of food. It depends on where the small food court is located, if it is located in a rich or a developed area then the rich people would not care about varieties because they need comfortable space to sit.- So, the rich people might not come. But if its located in a poor or an undeveloped place then, people will not care about space and would come and try and eat various kinds as well as choices of food.Advantages and Disadvantages of huge, big and spacious food courts:- Big food courts are spacious and the customers can sit comfortably but it doesn't have many choices of food. The choices of food is limited. So, again it depends on where the big food court is located.- If it's located in a rich and in a developed area then the people might come again and again to the food court because as I said they would not care about varieties, they would only care about space to sit comfortably. So, if the big food court is located there then, the big food court might go in profit.- But, if the big spacious food court is located in a poor or in a undeveloped place where people actually don't care about space but they want varieties of food, then they might not come to the big food courts. So, the big food court might go in loss or may go in profit.I know that the explanation is a bit tricky and confusing, but read again and again, and I assure you that you will find the link.Thank you. Hope this will help.

Is Mcdonald's the biggest fast food franchise?


What was the first food franchise ever in the world?


How much will a franchise cost and how do I get one?

The cost of food franchises vary depending on how well known the brand is. For example, McDonald's would be more expensive to buy than a smaller, less popular franchise. After deciding on what brand you want to invest in, you can typically find a page on their business website dedicated to explaining the franchise process. Typically, you need to fill in a form highlighting your interest and the company will get in touch with you to continue the purchasing process.

What fast food chains began to franchise in 1950s?


What was the first fast-food franchise in the US?


What type of company is Burger King?

its a fast food franchise...

Why was space food created?

Space food was created to allow food to be eaten by people in space. This is compressed and high energy food.

What is accommodations of space food?

The space food keeps you healthy while you are in space.

How much does space food cost?

At the gift shop in the National Space Center in Leicester England you can get a bag of space ice cream, or space strawberrys for £1.50 a bag.Every space center is different and concessions charge various prices.Actual space food sent up in the shuttle is very expensive since research and development costs are astronomical.

What is a food court?

a food court is where all the foods are i don't know were they are