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What does it mean body language?


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What is body language? This is a great question. Body language is a form of visual communications between people. For example: If a boy/man looks into your eyes and you smile with him, you are sending a message that says you welcome his attention. If he smiles back at you, it means that both of you have mutual interest in each other. For example: If a man and a woman are talking and one of them has their hands folded, this means the person is disagreeing with the other person or does not like what the other person is telling them. For example: If you are interviewing someone for a job on the phone and you ask the person "did you get along well your old boss" and the person remains silent on the phone, you know that the interviewee had problems with his/her old boss. If you call and ask their old boss, "will you hire this person again?"… and there is dead silence on the phone, this is a clear signal that he/she won't hire the interviewee. All of us use body language to communicate with each other daily. Just observe other people's interactions at a café or restaurant and you, too, will become aware of lots of different forms of body language. Good luck.