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Q: What does it mean for a substance to have a high reactivity It reacts easily with other substances. It reacts only at high temperatures. It reacts only with air. It reacts easily with few substances.?
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What does it mean for a substance to high reactivity?

Forms easily with other substances.

What does it means for a substance to have a high reactivity?

Forms easily with other substances.

What makes a substance highly reactive?

A substance that has high reactivity combines easily with other substances.

How easily a substance will change chemically in a given situation?


What is a property that describes how easily a substance undergoes change?


What is combustible substance?

Combustible substance : Substances that burn easily or catch fire easily are called combustible substances. Paper, clothes, wood, LPG are all combustible substances. Without these substances, a fire cannot be started.

What substances that do not dissolve easily in water?

you know water is a polar substance and can solve only polar substances and ionic substance it is not able to solve fat , oil or other organic (usually) substances (oil). by ionic substance I meant substances such as salt

What is meant by solubility of a solute?

Solubility is the ability of a substance to dissolve completely in another substance. The substance that dissolves is called the solute. If the solute has a high solubility, then it easily dissolves in most substances to create a solution. If the solute has a low solubility, then it does not dissolve easily and rarely goes into solution with other substances.

Is the reactivity of a metal depend on how easily it loses its valence electrons?

yes it does. if the electrons are lost easily, reactivity is more.

What is two substances that mix and form a new substance that cannot be easily separated?

Hydrogen Flouride

What is the advantage of low reactivity metal?

Low reactivity metals can easily found in earth.

Would a polar substances such as sugars and amino acids pass through a cell membrane easily?

a substance such as sugar